Those of you that follow:
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on twitter would have seen a flurry of activity tonight on installation of CyanogenMod onto our Touchpads!

Some Engrish to English translations later Matt and I have it working!

First of all – watch the video that is embedded in this post. It really is that easy if you do the preparation work FIRST.

Some essential files to download: All available for download HERE

  • novacom.exe (part of the WebOS SDK)
  • (Google Apps)

You will need to download and install the WebOS SDK to your PC/Mac – HERE to get the Novacom file that is required.

The simplest step by step I can offer is below: NB I am assuming in this step by step guide that you have installed the WebOS SDK.

  1. Plug in your Touchpad to your PC – enable USB mode
  2. In the root directory of your Touchpad, create a directory called “cminstall”
  3. Transfer,, and to the new /cminstall directory on your Touchpad
  4. Restart the Touchpad, hold down the ‘volume up’ key as it is booting so a white USB symbol is displayed on the screen
  5. Extract the ACMEInstaller files to the same directory as you have installed the WebOS SDK into. For me this was C:\Program Files (x86)\Palm\SDK\bin
  6. Open a command prompt and navigate to the previously mentioned directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Palm\SDK\bin
  7. Type: “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller"
  8. Hope you got it all right and nothing goes wrong!

If all goes well, you’ll be looking at the boot screen for CyanogenMod in about 4 minutes.

More will follow over the next few days as we learn more about the Alpha but for now, enjoy CM7 on your Touchpad!

Update(Daniel Here) : I actually ran through the above but forgot the ClockWorkMod zip, I basically just repeated the whole process but this time included the CWM zip file and it just copied over the top.

The other thing to come to light after this post went up is the addition of a fix for the Market as some people found that not all the apps were displaying. If you have that issue, best idea is to head over to rootzwiki to this link, it contains the files and step by step instructions. I`m loving this so far.

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    Noah Gregory

    moboot doesn’t give me the option to boot cm


    Just run WebOSQuickInstall-4.2.3 without any device connected and reinstall the novacom drivers…. that solved my problem….


    Why not just use WebOSQuickInstall-4.3.1 which installs novacom and is only a few mb?


    Fix the downloads link, please! (I was fortunately smart for it…)

    Matt Booth

    Fixed. Linked back to the original ‘official’ Rootzwiki post just in case the files are updated, and also so people have the benefit of the full instructions


    OK. i followed every step to a T, however i put in the command prompt, and the screen on the TP goes from the giant white usb symbol, to the small hp in the center and thats it. what am i doing wrong??

    Matt Booth

    Are you still having troubles?
    Sounds like it is just rebooting rather than running the script and applying the .zip files. Are yo usure you copied them across to /cminstall on the touchpad? Don’t extract them, leave them as .zip files.


    Please confirm.

    WebOS SDK is installed on your PC not your Touchpad…?

    Matt Booth

    WebOS SDK is installed on your PC or (*shudder*) Mac.
    I’m going to add a few notes and clarifications to the guide above


    any tips for osx 10.7 users that are struggling with novacom in terminal? I am getting an error “failed to connect to server” tried reinstalling the SDK and rebooting… tried running sudo -s /opt/nova/bin/novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller to try to bypass anything that was causing issues but after i enter my password the error is the same, any help would be appreciated, can not seem to find an answer anywhere


    Did you restart the touchpad holding volume up to get into the download mode? That step was missing in these instructions.


    i’m getting the same issue on windows 7 x64.”failed to connect to server”
    any solution ? thanx


    Reinstall novacom drivers from WebOSQuickInstall-4.2.3 without any device connected and that should solve the problem… mine did… you don’t need to install any thing else…