This morning in the US there were reports that the Nexus 7 has begun arriving in store and were actually being sold but the sales were stopped almost immediately by Google apparently, We however in Australia haven’t even seen so much as a tracking # for people who pre-ordered the tablet on the day it came up for pre-order in the Google Play store. You can still order the 8GB or 16GB Nexus 7 from the Google Play store and the current lead time from them is 1-2 Weeks.

Some people however like to see and feel a product before ordering and as we found out earlier the tablet will be on-sale in bricks and mortar retailers. After checking the Asus Website’s list of tablet retailers I’ve contacted them to find out what the current state of play is for pre-orders or just plain carrying it overall, bear in mind that this post will be updated as new information comes to hand:

Updated: 01/8

Officeworks advise that stock is running low at all stores, their next shipment is due in the 3rd week of August.

I sent a tweet to EBGames asking if there would be any left over stock from their second shipment to sell in-store to non pre-order customers and they replied with : ‘we’ll be able to probably confirm more at the end of the week. At this stage I am doubtful there will be leftovers.’
I’m hoping by that that the second shipment will be in their warehouse to distribute to stores by the end of this week.

Asus Australia can only advise to check with local retailers for stock levels. It’s getting extremely difficult to find stock of these tablets. I’m assured that MLN in Victoria still have the 16GB in stock. I’m still trying to find places but it’s getting pretty hard.

If you happen to see any let me know by tweeting me or emailing me.

Updated: 31/7

I haven’t forgotten about this post I’m just finding it incredibly difficult to actually track down stock. Here in Canberra I found one at Harvey Norman in Fyshwick, Office works had none in stock, Dick Smith had display models only, Bing Lee had none in stock but 4 on order due on the 10th of August.

wireless1 at Parramatta Westfield in Sydney has a few in stock at $318. (Thanks Darrell)

CPL in Victoria still have a couple of Nexus 7’s in stock across their stores, they should also be receiving another shipment sometime in August call ahead to the store to check before you head over anyway.

DigitalStar in Sydney has advised they have only a few units left so better hurry.

OnlineComputer in Sydney advise they have almost sold out, they are down to their last 10 units, next shipment due around mid-August.

I think the fact that people are constantly asking about this is indicative of just how much demand for the tablet was underestimated by Austrlian Retailers. I will continue to try and find out who has stock but please if you happen to see any let me know by tweeting me or emailing me.

Updated: 27/7

My apologies for not updating this post, I’ve had to work and haven’t had the time, but I’ll get a few updates in today before I go to see The Dark Knight Rises and hopefully get some more in after.

To start with the Google Play store is showing both the 8GB and the 16GB Nexus 7 as in-stock with a 3-5 day lead time for delivery. There is a $20 delivery charge so remember that you can get stock from them.

In terms of retailers Dick Smith reports that they have received their initial shipment ahead of the 1st of August they were estimating so they are ready to go, call your local store for actual stock numbers. I spoke with Dick Smith in the Civic store in Canberra, they have no stock but advised the Airport and Belconnen store still have some and they should be getting more next week hopefully.

Officeworks have stock but to make sure your local store does have some left they encourage you to jump on their website and use the Store Availability function. The current status is Vic and NSW have good stock levels, 50% of QLD stores have stock and WA stores should see stock next week.

JB Hifi have advised that stock levels are varied across stores, call your local store to find out if they have stock, I know in the ACT they’re getting hard to track down.

Harvey Norman are advising that you should either email them via their contact form but really you’ll get a quicker response by calling your local store.

Bing Lee advise that they have stock and are expecting more in 2 weeks, they advise to call 1300980399 and check for stock levels at your store.

OnlineComputer in Sydney advise they have almost sold out the 2nd shipment, and new stock will arrive first week of August according to Asus .

MLN in Victoria have the 16GB on their website for $299 with a $19 shipping charge on top, they have plenty in stock and advise they have more coming, they also advise they have the majority of local allocation so check them out.

PLE Computers in Western Australia advised their latest shipment arrived in their Wangara warehouse yesterday and stock will be going to the Bentley and Cockburn stores today with stock arriving this afternooon so plenty in stock for the weekend, with West Australians desperate for stock these should sell through fairly quickly and they have a second order due in the second week of August.

DigitalStar has advised they have just received some stock of the Nexus 7, jump on their website to ensure you get one, they also have another order on the way which should hopefully arrive towards the end of next week.

I’ve been advised that Computer Alliance in Brisbane has the Nexus 7 back in stock and has plenty at the moment.

Centrecom have advised me that they unfortunately have no eta for stock of the Nexus 7.

CPL in Victoria have a couple of Nexus 7’s in stock they should also be receiving some more stock today and another shipment sometime in August but still worth a call to the store to check before you head over.

Scorpion Technology in Victoria has plenty of stock in their Clayton head office, 4 units at their Rowville store, 3 at their Malvern store and currently zero at South Melbourne. They have more stock coming but it seems the demand for the Nexus 7 is far outstripping supply and they will be arriving sometime around mid-August.

That’s all I have at the moment but keep refreshing the page as more information comes in.

Updated: 23/7

So after the weekend what is the situation with stock around the place? If you see stock in a store that isn’t on here let us know in the comments, email me at Daniel At Ausdroid dawt net or Tweetme.

I’ve been advised that Computer Alliance in Brisbane has around 30 Nexus 7’s in stock.(Thanks Magid)

According to Lucky7 in the comments Bing Lee at Haymarket have stock and are selling them for $300.

JB Hifi in Canberra still had some stock in stores. I asked about cases, in terms of just generic e-reader cases etc, they had nothing.

My local Harvey Norman advised me by email yesterday that they would be receiving stock into their store today, so I would call your local store to see if they had received their allocation as yet. I checked their store for cases yesterday and found they had some generic stuff but mostly fairly expensive($50-70) leather cases.

PLE Computers in Western Australia sold out of their initial allocation according to a few of our readers, they’ve advised they will have another delivery on the 25th of July.

CPL in Victoria were expecting stock in on the 27th of July but still worth a call to the store to pre-order one if you can.

JW Computers advise they have plenty of stock across all 3 of their stores in Bankstown, Bella Vista and Villawood.

OnlineComputer in George St Sydney have just advised that they have received their second shipment and are ready to sell tomorrow.

DigitalStar has just advised they still have the Nexus 7 in stock for pickup or delivery.

I’ll update as I get word from stores today but it seems like most of the major retailers should see stock this week.

Updated: 20/7

PLE Computers in Western Australian have received early delivery of the Nexus 7, $319 but limited stock so you may want to hurry.

JW Computers have just advised that they have received stock of the 16GB Nexus 7 in their Bella Vista and Villawood branches you can hit their website to order, the cost is $319 and they do charge $9.95 extra for delivery, but call the store to see if you can pick one up.

Bing Lee now has the 16GB Nexus 7 on their website for $319 with free shipping and listed as in-stock. They advised that stock will be in all stores by the middle of next week.

Spoke with an EBGames here in Ballina and they were expecting stock this afternoon for their pre-order customers. Lachlan in the comments has advised he picked his up this morning. EB Games Belconnen in Canberra advise their first shipment for pre-orders will arrive next week, with the next shipment due in August(Thanks Myk)

Good Guys have advised stock is on the way but they didn’t have any here locally yet, their Twitter account recommended you call your store to see if their stock has arrived yet.

Harvey Norman still had not received stock yet, their Twitter account advised that they expect stockMid/Late Next week.

JB Hifi :
Another Update, stock could be in JB Hifi stores all over Australia depending on the couriers, call your local store to find out. Apparently some Adelaide stores are reporting they have stock now.
Just been advised that JB Hifi in Sydney, Galeries Victoria store has the Nexus 7 in-stock and selling for $317, with 2 left. (Thanks John)
Looks like JB Hifi could be getting their stock either today or in the next couple of days but their price will be competitive too with one store in SA quoting $298. Doesn’t look like too many other places in SA have stock at this stage either. (Thanks Michelle)

Just waiting to hear back from other suppliers at the moment but keep your eye on this page and I’ll update it as soon as I have more information.

DigitalStar has just advised their shipment has arrived so they’re in stock for pickup or delivery.

OnlineComputer in George St Sydney have just advised that they also have some stock left and also have another delivery arriving Tuesday but if you want it for the weekend head in now.

Scorpion Technology in Victoria has now advised they have now sold out of their initial run, they expect more on Monday and this is a much larger order so they should be able to fulfil any back orders and new orders placed so hit their website and pre-order to guarantee yourself one.

CPL in Victoria have advised me they are sold out currently but expect more stock next week on the 27th.

Updated: 19/7

The GoodGuys have just supplied information on their Nexus 7 stock :

DigitalStar has just advised they now have limited stock SOLD OUT but more stock is expected tomorrow Afternoon!
Scorpion Technology in Victoria has now advised they have stock, they have sold through half their allocation but have back ordered some more.
OnlineComputer in George St Sydney have just advised that they also have stock.

Looks like Bing Lee has joined the Nexus 7 bandwagon despite inital denials that they would stock it :

Stock should be hitting a couple of stores in NSW today with DigitalStar and OnlineComputer both receiving their stock today expecting delivery between 4 and 4:30 this afternoon.

Principal Computers in Canberra advised they won’t be holding the Nexus 7 in-stock but will be special ordering it and interested parties should contact them for pricing.

In Victoria you have options of CPL who advised me yesterday they actually had them in-stock or Scorpion Technology who have now advised me that they have now got units in stock hit their webpage for details on stock levels. MLN has advised that their stock is due in on Monday whilst one of the first stores to have it on their website, Centrecom have advised me that they will not have stock for a few weeks unfortunately.

Computer Alliance in QLD is still expecting stock next week.

Austin Computers in WA appear to only be doing orders on request so if you want to order hit the link up. But on a happier note PLE Computers will be receiving their stock on the 25th to their Wangara store, and should be in their other branches by the 26th.

Updated: 18/7

No updates on major suppliers today but there are a few smaller computer stores who have advised they have the tablet in-stock which I’m still trying to confirm. Google has update the Play Store entry for the Nexus 7 8GB to advise it is shipping immediately with 3-5 days shipping, 16GB version still has a fair wait advising 1-2 weeks lead time still.

J&W Computers in NSW has added the 16GB Nexus 7 to their website with free shipping(Getting bit tired of saying that at these prices) for $329. No eta I can see on the site.

Scorpion Technology in Vic have the 16GB on their website now with an eta of yesterday, I’ve emailed them but haven’t heard back as yet.

CPL also in Victoria have the 16GB version on their website and listed as in-stock for $319 I’ve also emailed them but have yet to hear back from them Just received word that they have the tablet in stock.

Updated: 17/7

EB Games has upped the price of their pre-order from $298 to $318 bringing it more into line with the pricing of other retailers who are selling the Nexus 7. They have also changed the date of the expected delivery to August and a notification on the website advises they have sold out of their first shipment of Nexus 7 tablets, sounds like sales have been good so far.

Looks like OfficeWorks will also be stocking the Nexus 7 with stock due mid/late next week :

More independent computer retailers adding it to their websites :
Digital Star in NSW have the 16GB on their website for $319 with free delivery and an eta of the 20th of July.

MLN in Victoria have the 16GB on their website for $299 but there is an $19 shipping charge on top, no ETA I could see and no information on if in-store pickup was available.

Update on OnlineComputer who claimed they would have stock yesterday, STILL don’t have stock and are blaming the delivery company and are apparently still hoping for stock to arrive tomorrow. Their banner ad remains in place claiming “In-Stock NOW”.

Mooloolaba Computers in QLD have a splash ad for the Nexus 7 on their website but no pre-order info and very little information other than that.

Not listed on the Asus retailers page but coming up in Google Shopping search
Unique Mobile have the 16GB on their website for $319 it lists the title as coming soon and the Availability as In-Stock.

Updated: 16/7

JB Hi-Fi are now on the Nexus 7 train, not taking pre-orders as yet and they have no price or availability but they have put up a place holder page for it. You can check it out here.

EB Games expect stock in their warehouse on Thursday and will then be sending it out to stores on Friday and Monday. Meaning you should be able to pick it up on Tuesday at all stores. They also appear to have sold out of their first batch and any pre-orders will have to wait for the second round although their website does not reflect that information at this stage.

We now have more online computer retailers offering the Nexus 7:

Online Computer based in Sydney have the 16GB on their website for $319 including delivery(it says free delivery but really?). They say in their banner ad that it is in-stock now but I’m unable to confirm if you can walk in and get one. They advised via email that they will either have stock from 4pm today or will have them first thing in the morning

MSY have the 16GB on their website but no price or stock information they list it as Coming Soon and advise you check with your local outlet.

Computer Alliance in QLD have the 16GB available on their website for $319 but it is only for order they say nothing of having stock. No lead time on stock either.

Austin Computers in WA also have the 16GB available on their website again at $319 except at their Midland and Osborne Park stores where it will cost you $339.

Dick Smith Now has them on their Website listed at $319 with a date of 1st of August.

Updated: 15/7

EBGames are the cheapest with their website offering it for a sans delivery pre-order price of $298 to pick it up in-store, listing the 27th of July as the release date.

Harvey Norman has it on their website for pre-order at $319 with in store pickup however a $5.95 deliver fee was added to deliver it to me, they list it as available from the 28th of July. At this stage they do not know if accessories will be available.

JB HiFi have nothing on their website but when I emailed via their website called me back and advised they are taking pre-orders in store but have no eta for stock, they will only be stocking the 16GB version and they quoted $318, they have no idea if they would be stocking accessories but previous history of Asus products has been that they do not have accessories.

The Good Guys also have nothing on their website and were hit and miss dependent on stores, one advised that they would be looking at stock in a couple of weeks however they only placed the order today and would have more information closer to the release date but another one advised that they were still waiting to be advised if it would be carried as core stock but they should be able to order it.

Dick Smith does not have the tablet listed on their website Now has them on their Website listed at $319 with a date of 1st of August. One store I spoke to advised their computer system said that they had stock in their warehouse and it should be arriving early next week hopefully, they advised they will be selling it for $319.

Bing Lee Electrical when asked if they will be stocking the Nexus 7 and for details on pricing and availability they replied :
‘Unfortunately that model is not available to us although we’re a reseller of Asus products.’.

Officeworks advise they don’t have the unit in their system as yet nor do they have any date on hand as yet, as you can see you’ll probably be able to special order it but at this stage there is no information :
‘Thank you for your below email. At this point in time I do not have any information about stock due dates, or accessories that we may or may not be ranging with this item. As we do not have the product in stock yet it has not been loaded into our system so I cannot view any further information about it. As we do supply Asus products we may be able to Special Order this item in for you – to do so please visit the Special Orders team in any of our retail stores.’.

Retravision has nothing on their website for the Nexus 7 currently, again I have contacted stores and the two I contacted were not going to be stocking it. I’m still waiting on a reply from the website in regards to online sales.

Radio Rentals advised they wouldn’t be getting it.

Betta Electrical had nothing on their website, I called a store and they advised they hadn’t planned on getting it but could order it in, they quoted $399, I’m still waiting on a reply from their website.

2 smaller independent computer retailers also have the Nexus 7 up for pre-order:

Centrecom in Victoria has the 16GB version on their website for pre-order on their website and when I emailed them they advised they did not have a date for when the tablet would be in store.

PLE Computers listed as being in Western Australia has the 16GB listed for $319, they currently list it as out of stock however they give an ETA of 25/07/2012.

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Andrew Sneath

Good Guys website has it for $312….if no one has mentioned it yet.


Just got mine over the weekend from Harvey Norman in Sunshine, VIC 3020

Sam Mondo

Hey all,

Thanks for keeping us updated,
Here’s an update from Melbourne:
Officeworks at QV / Melbourne has LOTS of 16GB Nexus 7’s for sale, they just got them in this morning and no one seems to know about it yet 😉


Bing Lee now out of stock – Sat 28th June.


Anyone know a place in adelaide cbd that has stock?


grab one from Computer Alliance yesterday for $319, still have 10+ left after i bought.


Lunchtime Update – 25 July:
Online computer have stock, charging $319 plus 2% credit card fee.
JB Hifi World Square – No stock.
Bing Lee Haymarket – No stock, but ordered for Friday pickup at $300
EB Games Ultimo – I had pre-ordered for $298 in the first shipment but they are out of stock until August, so unknown delivery date despite saying delivery on the 27th.


Online Computer, Sydney had 3 in store – Lunchtime 24/7.
EB Games Ultimo still waiting on preorders
(expected 27/7, although some have had deliveries early)
Didn’t see any in Bing Lee Haymarket.


I called a few JB HiFi stores in Canberra today. Civic had sold out, Woden had one in stock, but the one at the DFO seemed to have plenty. I got mine from there.


I just been to Harvey-Norman in the QV Centre (Melbourne CBD) and they had a whole pallet load. I was there 40 mins ago and got the 1st one they’d sold today. $319 all up.


Just grabbed the last one from OnlineComputers 🙂

Bradey Nicholson

Just ordered mine online from the Good Guys, looking forward to it sometime next week!


Thanks for the helpful post great job! I got mine from online computer in capitol square 🙂


Thanks for this awesome article I managed to get mine from online computer in capitol square.


Any retailers with stock of the 8GB version?

Daniel Tyson

At this stage no retailer has advised they will be stocking the 8GB version


JB Hifi Carindale in QLD has 10 – heading there now! Yeeha!


I just called up JB Hifi Forest Hill this morning, asked for one, and got it. They gave me the impression it was the last one, but they might have just been making me feel special.


Also it was $317 – a whole $2 off! That’s half my coffee thanks 😉

Charlie Rose

Just preordered mine from JB-HI-FI Malvern,VIC. Got the last one from their first shipment! $317


the wait is over got my mine from JB this arvo WOO HOO in time for the weekend


I’m just wondering if we still getting the $25 play store credit if we buy in store? Can anyone please confirm this??


Confirmed – Sign in with your google account and then you get a welcome to Nexus 7 email and confirmation of your $25 credit


Got mine today, JB HI fi Melbourne Elizabeth Street. Best part only 298 bucks!!!!


Does it come with $25 play store credit?




Bing Lee in Sydney Haymarket have stock – I just went in and grabbed mine, and whats more I think you can get it for a bargain! 🙂

Dylan Xavier

how much would a bargain be?


it was $300 for the 16gb


btw, seen on whirlpool most people who got it from Bing Lee net it at $300 … 🙂 or maybe MSY I heard it was $299

does anyone know if sydney will be getting google play gift cards? I dont have a credit card and really need gift card access to be able to fully enjoy the nexus


Do you have a visa debit card (most bank online accounts with ATM access also are Visa Debit)


No I have no credit card access, if you buy a visa debit card from woolworths or the post office they dont send statements out to your address hey as its just reloadable?


Hey, excellent content about where to buy & keeping everyone up to date on a daily basis about Nexus 7 stock. Good job 🙂


JB-Hi-Fi told me that they will have stock at the end of the month

Happy Grizzly Labs

Went to CPL in Notting Hill Victoria yesterday and got the last one! Thanks ausdroid 🙂


ordered from onlinecomputer. hopefully it ship by today *finger cross*


Hi Daniel I have been following this post for day… waiting , waiting, waiting… Can you find ANYONE in Adelaide who has got them?


I went to CPL West Melbourne This morning and they had all sold out. Seems like those retailers who did have them haven’t got many and will no doubt sell out very quickly.

Tom Rubery

Mines being shipped as we speak, be here by Friday


Placed my order on the 27th and havent heard anything :’-(

Very disapointed!!! Have emailed tonight requesting an update!


hello, I live in Melbourne and got my confirmation of despatch email today. they are estimating wednesday for arrival.fingers crossed


When did you place your order?


27th june


Can someone tell me what the point of pre-ordering was?


So wish I had cashola for one of these. 🙁


I have pre-ordered my Nexus 7 locally and want to get cover/screen protector asap but haven’t been able to find any info on these being available in Oz. When I checked Google’s site for a cover it said it wouldn’t ship it to Oz???? Help please.

Daniel Tyson

Nothing I can find locally(Trust me I am looking) at this stage it’s all Ebay unfortunately, I’m definitely speaking to whoever I can think of to get more info on accessories.


My pre-order came in a week early!! Found a kindle case on clearance at Big W for $10 that almost fits – about 2mm to small but will do until cases in store


So, early August then.
Weird to see EB as a seller of Android tablets, but that’s where I’ll probably end up buying one.


I’ll most probably get this from EB Games. 🙂

Jason Berek-Lewis

I preordered within hours of the Nexus 7 being made available on the Google site. More than 2 weeks have passed with no word on when/ if this is shipping… Pretty annoying seeing as how I paid for 3 day shipping…


Thanks Guys. Its posts like this that makes Ausdroid the No.1 go to source for Aussie Android news.

The Nerd Mama

I decided to pre-order as the stores (as above) either had NO idea, or had it in their system with no ETA. If I see it in a store before I have one in my hand, I’ll be a bit miffed. I don’t often pre-order tech, being a touchy-feely type of buyer, but I didn’t want to run the risk of the B&M stores being sold out.

Brett Adams

My father-in-law was going to pick his up from a supplier today but isn’t allowed to sell it. So the stock is in the stores, so obviously Google is trying to ship preorders to avoid upsetting people like me who preordered weeks ago.

Daniel Tyson

Which store? Shoot us through an email to the tips at ausdroid . net address if anyone hears of stores with them already in stock, even if they`re not selling them. We can keep it confidential if you’d like.

Geoff Fieldew

Great work Dan!

Chris Spencer.

Very thorough work as usual guys. Thanks. I hope I get mine before it hits stores,as I purchased it online in middle of the night upon announcement…

Daniel Tyson

You, me & Geoff lol come on Tracking #s 🙂