Bringing Android apps to Chrome OS is a breath of fresh air for the platform, and in news today, it looks as if the Play Store roll-out continues, with a further four popular Chromebook models receiving updates to allow Android apps to be used. Of course, these updates are only in Chrome’s developer channel, for now, so if you have one of these Chromebooks you’ll have to flick to developer mode to access the Play Store for now.

The newly supported Chromebooks include:

  • Dell’s Chromebook 13
  • HP 13
  • Samsung Chromebook 3
  • ASUS C301SA

Of course, this news won’t be too useful for many Australian users, because most of these devices aren’t readily available locally. Dell only sells the Chromebook 11 in Australia, and equally HP’s Chromebook 13 isn’t readily available here. Neither are Samsung’s Chromebook 3 or ASUS’ C301SA available in Australia.

So really, this news is great if you’ve imported one of these, or you’ve bought one through unofficial channels, otherwise for most Australian Chromebooks, you’ll just have to wait a bit more.