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Google announces Samsung Galaxy S 4 running stock Android

While Google didn't unveil anything new for the Nexus 4, they did partner up with Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 running stock Android 4.2 with a pure Nexus experience. As with every other Nexus device, updates will come directly from Google in a timely fashion in comparison to the staggered release from Samsung with their own TouchWiz interface. The Galaxy S4 supports LTE, where the Nexus 4 doesn't, however, it's launching in the US only for now on the Play Store. There's likely to be ways to go about getting it imported, so the price of $649... Continue reading

Google Play Store hits 48 billion app installs, huge revenue increases

Google's Hugo Barra took the stage at Google I/O to announce some pretty amazing stats for the Google Play Store. Those can be broken down into the following: 48 billion app installs 2.5 billion installs in the last month More money paid out to developers since the start of 2013 compared to the whole of 2012 Revenue per user is 2.5x higher than what it was a year ago Hugo made it very clear that Android is well and truly a viable platform for mobile app developers to develop for, especially with the huge amount of devices Continue reading

Android hits 900 million activations worldwide

At Google I/O, Android lead Sundar Pichai announced that Google has surpassed 900 million activations worldwide. Although that number is astounding, he insisted that Google would push into markets where penetration of Android was below 10% -- these markets mainly lie in developing nations. Continue reading

Developers already integrating Google Play Games into their apps (updated: more!)

Google I/O isn't even underway yet, and Google Play Games still hasn't been given it's official titled or been unveiled at all, but developers are stating that they've integrated the service into the games already. One game is Euphloria HD which states in its changelog that "Google Play Games achievements have been added!". What exactly this means is yet to be seen, but we can't wait to find out. Update: More games adding Google Play Games Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Triple Town We hope you enjoy using Google Play Games to save and share achievements! Google Play Games has been floating... Continue reading

Download the new Google Play Store now, subtle changes all around

Google has done a little bit of a refresh of the Google Play Store, adding not much in terms of functionality, but there are a few UI tweaks that are welcomed. The content section buttons on the main screen have a new design that's a little more fresh and less flat-design. The open/install/update/uninstall buttons are always tweaked which is a nice addition. Although it can't be seen, there's likely some architectural changes under the hood in case of any new additions, should they be launched at Google I/O. *cough* Continue reading

Mention of Android 4.3 quickly pops up and disappears from official Android website

Just hours before Google I/O even begins, The Verge has come across a mention of Android 4.3 on Android's official developer website. The mention of the next version of Android has since been removed. We don't know much about what will be in Android 4.3, but that screenshot tells us that security is one area that will be updated. Stay tuned for more Google I/O news! Continue reading

Analyst: Refreshed Nexus 7 running Android 4.3, 1920×1200 display, Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU coming at Google I/O

Everybody loves a good analyst, especially when they have solid predictions of technology we love. Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has released a research note that sets out potential (yes, it's only a prediction) specs of the refreshed Nexus 7 that's sure to be announced at Google I/O later this month. The most exciting parts of the potential specs are these: Android 4.3 -- No time for the big 5.0 jump it seems 7-inch LTPS 1920x1200 Display Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU (APQ8064) 5MP Rear Camera / 'HD' Front Camera Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC 4,000mAh Battery with Qi charging Pricing, you ask? Well Google and Asus -- yes,... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom might have been confirmed by the Bluetooth SIG

Samsung are rumoured to be releasing a few new devices under the 'S4' moniker, and one of those is the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The device is rumoured to have a 16MP camera with a 10x optical zoom in a smaller form-factor to that of the Galaxy S4. The proof of this device actually existing grew today with a device being approved by the Bluetooth SIG with the model number "SM-C101" which is supposedly that of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. There's very little else known about the device at the moment, however, there's a rumoured launch date floating around June. Add... Continue reading

PSA: Get a case for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S 4

Just over 48 hours ago I received my brand new Samsung Galaxy S 4. I was super excited to get it out of the box, put the battery in, fire it up, and be on my way to dealing with Touch Wiz. Along with the Galaxy S 4, I had a case coming with it, but it was delayed. In hindsight, that delay is going to cost me a small fortune. A little over 24 hours ago, my Galaxy S 4 slipped from my lap and gracefully fell 30cm to the floorboards below. I didn't think too much of... Continue reading

Facebook Home now available for Android’s latest flagships: HTC One and Galaxy S 4

If you love Facebook and you love your latest flagship device, you can now make those two seemingly become one thanks to Facebook updating Facebook Home today to make it work on the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4. As we posted earlier today, Facebook is working on bringing more features to Facebook Home in hopes of raising its current 2.2 star rating to a much nicer 4+. Other than that, be sure to give it a go so that you can enjoy your 'friends' baby photos on your lock screen. There's nothing better. com.facebook.home Continue reading

Official QANTAS app for Android coming later this year

Today QANTAS released a new travel app for iPhone users -- seen above -- which is all well and good for them, but it seems Android users will have to wait around a bit longer to get it. The hard-working team over at Australian Business Traveller (check them out if you travel frequently!) are reporting that "an Android version will be released later this year", according to a QANTAS spokeswoman. The app will allow you to search and book flights, receive alerts for sales on user-selected destinations, and most importantly, be alerted of flight delays. If they can... Continue reading

Official Twitter app updated, adds menu button for quicker access to settings

Twitter have today updated their official Android app, and although the update isn't bringing any major new features to the table, it does fix a complaint many users have had: the deeply buried settings button. With the new update, Twitter have added a menu button to the top right of the action bar which gives you quick access to your accounts and the settings of the app. Other additions to the app include changing the trends location so you can see what's trending in different parts of our wonderful world, and multiple bugfixes that are meant to speed up... Continue reading

HTC M4 render leaks, shows us a slightly smaller HTC One

The HTC M4 has been floating around the rumour mill for quite a while now, but today we're finally seeing what this device actually looks like thanks to @evleaks and Phonearena. As you can see from the render above, the M4 is ultimately a smaller version of the HTC One. How much smaller, you ask? Well the M4 has a 4.3-inch 720p display (versus 4.7-inch 1080p of the One), 16GB memory, 2GB RAM, and a dual-core CPU (One has a quad-core). The M4 will carry on HTC's use of the UltraPixel though the actual amount of..... Continue reading