Virgin to also get the Motorola Defy in Red, just like we thought

The ever appearing Red Defy is now ready to make another break for cover, this time landing on Virgin. We reported a number of weeks ago that it was likely to hit Virgin, only to then find out it was Crazy John's who got the little Red number, well now it's Virgin's turn like we first thought. The rugged Motorola Defy will hit Virgin, starting at $0 on their Easy Cap 39, coming with $300 of calls and text and also 300MB of data, along with the usual Virgin includes, like Virgin 2... Continue reading

Xperia Arc begins to hit stores…. Finally

Well it seems like forever ago that we both heard and reviewed the Xperia Arc, then heard it had been delayed, then delayed again. Well wait no more, the Arc has officially started to roll out to Optus dealers today. We have been emailed by a few people in the know, stating that Optus stores and dealers have started to receive their long awaited shipments of the Sony Ericsson dream phone. There is a small problem, Optus have not dropped the price of the Arc and are still advertising the Arc as... Continue reading

Motorola Defy coming to Crazy John’s… in the elusive Red colour

Last week we posted about some information we received, regarding a Red Motorola Defy and Virgin. We then updated that article to say, that there was definitely a Red variant floating around but Virgin wasn't going to be the exclusive carrier. Well it turns out the update was on the money. Crazy John's have just thrown up a "Coming Soon" page showing, you guessed it, a Red Motorola Defy. The page doesn't give us much, other then a few pictures of it, in it's Red attire and it's basic specs. What we do know however,... Continue reading

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Launch Party through the eyes of Ausdroid

So Ausdroid has been in Sydney rocking out with the people from Sony Ericsson. We were invited to their exclusive Xperia Launch party — held last Wednesday night — and we had a ball. Buzz and myself both attended what was basically the official launch of the Xperia range, the Arc, the Play and the Neo. We were served drinks and food by computer/console game characters and some famous faces such as Lara Croft and Bruce Lee, all the way up to Slash from Guns N Roses. It was a really enjoyable night, thanks... Continue reading

Rumour: Virgin to launch the Motorola Defy in exclusive Red colour? (update: Yes and No)

  Update: It didn't take long to get some more info on this one. It seems there is definitely a Red variant floating around, hence the updated image, and also it doesn't seem it will be a Virgin exclusive. Thanks for the update. We received this little tidbit of info along with our Optus Atrix/Xoom rumour we posted. We didn't post it then, however, as we didn't want to have a day full of rumours, and also, we wanted to see if we could confirm the info. We haven't been able to confirm it as much as we would like,... Continue reading

Incredible S and Play coming to Virgin – Cheap!

Well look what has arrived in my inbox this morning. The Virgin display cards for both the new HTC Incredible S and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and packing very nice pricing along with it. The Incredible looks to launch on the 39 Easy Cap and the Play to be $10 a month on the 49 Easy Cap. That's great pricing for two well stacked handsets. Anyone going to take these handsets with Virgin? Also attached was the display card for the Play with Optus, launching at $0 on the $79 Cap, that is... Continue reading

HTC Incredible S is an Optus exclusive

HTC is finally coming back to Optus, in the high end of the range. Launching May 1, Optus will have the Incredible S at their disposal, in an exclusive agreement for 1 month. Official pricing has not been confirmed, however our sources tell us, $0 on either a $49 or $59 Cap. We have also heard from a number of tipsters that Virgin will also range the handset $0 on the $39 Easy Cap, now that's a great deal. We do not know whether Virgin will have the handset at launch at this stage, but... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S now $6 a month on Virgin’s $29 Big Cap – The stock run out continues

With the Galaxy S 2 not very far away, Samsung and the carriers, are stepping up their moves to clear the remaining stock of the original Android powerhouse, the Galaxy S. Vodafone and Three have dropped the handset to $0 on a $29 and now Virgin have joined the fight, adding the Galaxy S to their Big Cap lineup, along with a $6 handset repayment. This brings the handset in at $35 a month for $450 of credit and 200MB of data. Great deal? I think so, what do you guys think? Continue reading

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to be $5 on Virgin Easy Cap 49

We have a lovely little tipster who send us in some information regarding the Arc and Virgin. It seems as though Virgin is going to be the one, to lead the race to the bottom with pricing, by launching the Arc at $5 on a Easy Cap 49. This makes it $54 dollars a month, which is a great deal. Included on the Easy Cap 49 is $450 worth of credit, 500MB of data and Unlimited Virgin 2 Virgin calls and text. Finger crossed the "Coming Soon' shown on the bulletin means real soon. Continue reading

LG Optimus 2x not coming to Australia via a carrier? Retailers the only port of call

  LG have been trying hard but it seems to all be in vain. I have received information, from a number of different sources, and they are all saying the same thing: the Optimus 2X is looking like it's not going to be picked up by any¬†Australian carriers and will go it alone via retail channels only. What does this all mean you say? Hit the break and find out. (more…) Continue reading

Sony Ericsson Arc, LG Optimus Me and 2X show up in Allphones Buyer’s Guide

In this month's edition of the Allphones Buyer's Guide, three handsets have showed up in their Handset Showcase pages: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, LG's Optimus 2X and Optimus Me. All are slated as coming soon and no further details are found in the catalogue. The strange one for me is the Optimus Me: it's not a handset I've seen before. Maybe I've been living under a rock, who knows? Your are all aware of the 2X and the Arc, but let me breakdown the Me to you all. It's a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen... Continue reading

HTC Aria now only $29 on Virgin Easy Cap

Virgin Mobile have recently lowered the minimum $0 cap for the HTC Aria to $29 on their Easy Cap range. The $29 Easy Cap will give you a satisfying $190 credit and 100MB of data for most of your non-video browsing needs. If the recent HTC leaks (we'll cover these in a minute) are anything to go by, the Aria is looking to become outdated at Mobile World Congress next month. But hey, it's $29 ;) Continue reading

HTC Aria heading to Virgin on Boxing Day

As always, our friends over at Techanist have come through with the goods, breaking the news that the HTC Aria will be on sale at Virgin Mobile from Boxing Day (26th for anyone completely oblivious). You won't find it heavy discounted for the Boxing Day Sales, but you will be able to get your hands on one for $0 on the Easy Cap 39 which will give you $300 worth of calls & txts as well as 300MB of data to browse the interwebz for all those online savings after Christmas. Continue reading