The Sony XM-100XM3 are still one of the best sets of Noise Cancelling headphones you can buy. The unfortunate part of liking and wanting really good hardware is the really big price. Well an eagle eyed Ozbargainer has located them at a significant (around 20%) discount on ebay.

Use the code: PATRON20 at checkout

While I have had limited time with the XM1000-XM3 headphones, I can honestly say their noise cancelling is outstanding. They’re extremely comfortable, have a battery life that will see you through even long haul trips and with a price like the eBay special above, won’t break the bank.

There are plenty of bargains starting to appear as we get towards the silly season (Christmas) but even with that this price is one that is unlikely to be beaten. With that in mind, if you (or someone you know) are eyeing off a good quality pair of headphones, now may be the time to strike.