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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro — Review

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro is a step up from it's twin brother, the X10 Mini. The only main differences between the Mini Pro and the Mini is that the Mini Pro packs a full physical QWERTY keyboard...

Finally.. A side-by-side comparison of Super LCD & AMOLED

What you see above is a side-by-side comparison of the HTC Desire with both a Super LCD (left) and AMOLED (right) display. AMOLED seems to have more intensity and brightness whereas the Super LCD has more sunlight legibility and...

Optus drop Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro to $29/mo – Lowers outright price $30

Optus have just recently lowered the X10 Mini Pro from a hefty $49/mo to a lighter $29/mo on their Max Cap. In addition to this they have lowered the outright price $30 to $489, which is still quite high...

Optus sends out OTA security fix to Motorola DEXT users

Optus has sent out a small (20MB) OTA update to Motorola DEXT owners that is meant to be a security fix as well as an update to MotoBLUR. Before you get your hopes up, the update does not upgrade...

HTC Wildfire to be the first Android prepaid smartphone on Telstra — $349 outright

PC Authority is reporting that Telstra will be releasing the HTC Wildfire as a prepaid phone, which is a first for Telstra. Another first for Telstra is good pricing, asking for only $349 per device starting August 24th. The...

Virgin Mobile offering 3 months free access for Android devices

Virgin are currently offering 3 months free access to any new sign ups on their new Smart Caps. Virgin says the new caps are "designed for Google Android phones" as they're packed "with loads of data & unlimited standard...

Garmin-Asus A50 launches on Telechoice — $599 outright or $49 Optus cap

Telechoice is now offering the Garmin-Asus A50 on Optus's $49 'Extreme Cap' which includes $450 of cap credit, 1GB data and unlimited access to: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, LinkedIn & Foursquare. The device is also available for outright purchase for...

Dell Streak now available from MobiCity — Review coming soon

The Dell Streak is finally now available for purchase from MobiCity. Priced at $1,019 the Streak is sure to be well worth it. We've received a review unit and so far, absolutely loving it. We're hoping to have a...

HTC Ace (Desire HD) surfaces – Lookin’ sexy

Update: New video of the HTC Ace after the break! Not all that long ago we asked you if you'd be interested in a GSM variant of the HTC EVO 4G, and it's safe to say there is a lot...

Harvey Norman drops HTC Hero price $100 to $699

HTC initially thought the idea of stocking flagship devices via Harvery Norman would be a good idea.. It wasn't. The HTC Hero never really took off, and the price was too high. And now months after the launch Harvey...

Samsung Galaxy S stock slowly becoming available again

Reports coming from Techanist, Virgin, Optus as well as emails to me are positive signs that Samsung's popular Galaxy S is finally being delivered to stores and to people who have ordered online. If you haven't ordered yours yet,...

Pink & White LG Optimus variations to be available through VHA only

In the LG Optimus press release they have stated that both the Pearl White and Candy Pink will be an exclusive Vodafone and Three, as they will expect it be popular to the fashion conscious phone owner. The white...

Android 2.2 for Motorola Milestone before the years end

Rejoice, owners of Milestones! 'Lipka' on Whirlpool Forums appears have got in contact with Motorola Australia and managed to squeeze some Android 2.2 news from them: "Android 2.2 is coming to Milestone this year, but I can't give you a...

LG Optimus set to hit VHA & Virgin

Techanist is reporting that both VHA (Voda+Three) and Virgin will be launching the LG Optimus on $19 caps, with stock expected to hit stores later this week. That's $30 less than Telstra, and dead even with Optus who are...

Vodafone sold out of the Nexus One – Gone forever?

We've just been informed that Vodafone have sold out of the Google Nexus One. If it previous reports of Voda only having 1,000 are correct, they may be gone for good. We've reached out to Vodafone for official word on...

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