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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Huawei U8230 & Motorola XT5 available from Dick Smith for $349 & $399

It seems like Dick Smith is covering the mid-range Android devices, which is about time considering there is really nothing of great interest in this part of the market, except for maybe the Millennius Apanda A60. So if you're...

Froyo for Galaxy S will come via Kies, not OTA — Available now-ish

It seems OTA updates are becoming a little less viable for updating high-end devices with massively sized Android updates. The next hit is the Samsung Galaxy S, which Optus confirmed today via their Twitter account, will receive the Android...

Sony Ericsson X8 ‘Shakira’ headed to Optus Prepaid for $249

Everyone loves a premium product, so the fact that the newly released Sony Ericsson X8 'Shakira' is on its way to Optus Prepaid can only be good news. There is currently no date for availability, but it's currently available...

Samsung Galaxy 5 available on Telstra Prepaid from today for $199

The Galaxy 5 is available from today onwards on Telstra Prepaid and will set you back a measly $199 dollars, which is a pretty fair price. Telstra was aiming to launch the Samsung Galaxy 5 as the cheapest Android...

Telstra could update HTC Desires OTA — Who knows..

Okay guys, let's try to keep the Telstra hate-venting down for a few minutes so we can all understand what is and isn't going on here. Above is Craig Middleton (Telstra's Team Group Manager for Media Relations), suggesting that...

Boost Mobile to launch Huawei U8300 for $149

According to the crew over at Techlogg, Boost Mobile have just launched the low-end Huawei U8300 for $149, making it Australia's cheapest prepaid Android device. The U8300 isn't all that feature packed, and lacks amazing specs, but what it...

Froyo update for Telstra HTC Desires will not be OTA

Telstra have stated, via their Twitter presence, that the Froyo update for the HTC Desire will not be sent OTA (over the air), instead you will have to download it off the HTC AU website and update it yourself....

Angry Birds Full Preview for Android

Hey guys, Just got a quick preview video here of angry birds, got a hold of a copy from Rovio mobile to do a quick review on the full version coming out for android (hoorah!) As you can see...

Sony Ericsson preview Android 2.1 on the Xperia X10, *unimpressed face*

Do you want to know what the definition of awesome is? I'll tell you, it's when you're a "premium" mobile manufacturer who has no idea how to keep your "premium" product's software up to date. So clearly, Sony Ericsson...

Motorola FLIPOUT now available from Vodafone

For all you creative individuals, your dream phone, the Motorola FLIPOUT with it's nasty looking form factor, is now available for purchase on Vodafone's Online Store. It'll set you back $29/mo or $299 outright on Vodafone Prepaid, just as...

Telstra’s HTC Desire set to receive Froyo within days

Continuing the good news for Telstra HTC Desire owners, who haven't already given up and rooted their device, you can rest easy knowing the Froyo has passed Telstra's rigorous testing and is set to be launched in the next...

Win one of two Acer Liquid E smartphones

We know you guys love a good competition, and there's nothing better than being able to win yourself a brand new smartphone. So Acer ANZ are currently running a cool little competition for anyone to win one of two...

HTC Desire Z & HD both been delayed due to failed Google testing

Yay for last-minute device testing! Both the Desire Z and Desire HD have both failed Google TA (Type Approval) testing at the last-minute causing HTC to delay the devices hitting the market. There are reports of these delays affecting...

Telstra’s HTC Desire Froyo update could hit this week

If you trust Telstra and their announcement that Froyo would hit the HTC Desire within four weeks, you'll be happy to know that the "four weeks" ends this Friday the 15th. Even if it doesn't hit this between now...

HTCSense.com — A Walkthrough

With HTCSense.com having just launched and the HTC Desire HD making its way out sometime soon, I thought I'd give you all a quick walkthrough of what you can do inside of HTCSense.com. It's feature packed, and well thought...

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