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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Optus snatch the Motorola DEXT & Backflip

Motorola have announced this morning they will be releasing both the Motorola DEXT & Motorola Backflip. Both of these phones run Motorola's signature UI "Moto BLUR" & they will be carried by Optus (Available: April 7th). Optus have also renamed...

Optus to open the Android floodgates?

I just been hit up with some info that would confirm both the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & HTC Legend will be landing at Optus in the near future. Apparently Motorola will also be sending a few phones Optus' way,...

Telstra’s Bloatware to be available on the Market

Telstra has confirmed their own Android Applications such as Mobile Foxtel & Whereis will be available on the Android Market at a later date. This will allow consumers with Telstra's Android Devices to remove the Bloatware & re-download it...

Motorola holding Media Launch in Sydney

Motorola will be holding a Media Launch next Tuesday (30th) Morning in Sydney. The invite shows only an image of the "MotoBLUR" Logo, which implies they will launch an Android Device running that UI. This then rules out the...

Optus now allowing Paid Apps in the Android Market

Optus have finally given up to the pressure from HTC & Google to allow Paid Apps. Optus had blocked them since day one, without any given reason. Although at one stage they were trying to get a cut of the...

Desire available from Telstra on April 27 for $779

Telstra has announced the pricing of the Desire. Although it's not as cheap as importing it, it will indeed work on their own NextG network. It'll be out on April 27 Pricing: Outright: $779 $65 plan over 24 months: $0 $65 Business plan...

Telstra to announce Desire pricing tomorrow

Telstra is expected to announce pricing for it's Android flagship device, the Desire, tomorrow sometime. The price is expected to be anywhere from $650-$800, with plan pricing being anyone's guess. Now Telstra, let's keep it "competitive".

HTC Hero getting a bite of the Eclair

It has been confirmed the HTC Hero will be receiving Android 2.1 from April 2nd onwards. The update (when released) will be found on the HTC Hero support site. You now have something to look forward to, Hero owners.

Android invades Vodafone

Vodafone UK has released on their site 4 new phone that will be coming to them from April onwards, and funnily enough, they're all Android Devices. This means we should see them here in the near future!3 The first is...

Will Telstra snare the Legend?

A few reports have come out saying that Telstra will also get a three month scoop on the HTC Legend, to keep the HTC Desire company. The Legend is the second generation HTC Hero, with a aluminium unibody similar...

Xperia X10 to be grabbed by Three?

A few reports have come out saying that Three are indeed going to get the X10. These have come out through Whirlpool Forums users who said that at a Three meeting the X10 was brought up, but no pricing...

HTC Desire heading to Telstra

The long awaited HTC Desire (Bravo) is heading over to Telstra. Telstra has waited a while for the Android Platform to mature enough to be usable by everyone, not just technology Geeks. It is expected to hit Life stores in...

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