Saturday , April 21 2018


Kogan Mobile — Review

Late last year, Kogan entered the Australian telecommunications business as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, offering a number of attractive plans that promised to deliver services to Australian consumers at a rate befitting the company’s name. Could Australia’s disruptive entrepreneur, Ruslan Kogan, break into one of the toughest spaces and …

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JSTorrent – Extension Review

Torrents are a great way of downloading files, the Linux community has long embraced Bit Torrent as an excellent way to distribute files through places like and there are numerous places to download out of copyright media on the internet. A torrent extension had eluded me in the Chrome …

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Review: Google Music

After many years of whining, crying, stamping our feet and generally yelling at Google in frustration, the search giant has finally brought its Google Music service to Australia. The question now is: was it worth the wait? We want you to be able to make up your own mind. First …

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Joby GripTight Mount — Review

The Joby GripTight Mount is an attachment allowing you to mount and stabilise your smartphone, helping you take better photos by reducing the movement that occurs when you take photos with the device held in your hand. It’s a universal solution, with an extendable arm to tightly grip the body …

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