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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Samsung offering official Galaxy Nexus HDMI dock on their website

It's only taken nearly 6 months but Samsung have finally updated the accessories page on their Australian website with an accessory specifically made for the Galaxy Nexus, the HDMI Dock is now available to order for $69.99 directly from...

Australian-based Kickstarter will create Galaxy Nexus magnet-mounting case

I'm a late comer to Kickstarter projects but I'm starting to have a great time looking through the many wonderful projects that are out there, in particular in regards to Android based projects. I just came across this project from...

Belkin announces a range of Samsung Galaxy S III cases

So you went out today (or tomorrow, or the next day) and bought yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III, but you're in need of something to protect it from the perils of everyday use. Fear not, Belkin...

GPS dongles for ASUS Transformer Prime now reaching users

If you're the owner of an ASUS Transformer Prime that's suffering from the GPS bug that has plagued a sizeable amount of devices, you can apply to ASUS to receive a GPS dongle to help alleviate the problem free...

HTC Accessories sale offers low priced Beats headphones, 10% off for One X owners

So you went out and bought a HTC One X from a carrier, or outright from a store, but you were left wanting when it came to accessories. Now you can spoil yourself with some reduced price accessories from...

Philips Fidelio speaker docks coming next month

At last years IFA trade show in Germany one of the most exciting things I personally saw, was the announcement from Philips of Android compatible speaker docks. We've seen just about every manufacturer release an iPhone dock but this...

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android — Review

Can't quite tear yourself away from your netbook totally? I bet you can now! Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Notebooks, PC's, Power PC's... There's a lot of ways to gain access to information and data nowadays. The question is...

Using NFC tags with your NFC enabled smart phone

NFC or Near Field Communication is something that first appeared on the Android landscape with the Nexus S back in November 2010 when the handset was launched and then was continued in the Nexus line up with the Galaxy...

Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S II extended battery from Mugen Power

Week 2 of our giveaways and we've got an extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S II. It's from Mugen Power, and at the time I received it, it was worth $100. Now you can get it yourself for...

HTC will no longer bundle Beats headphones with devices

HTC have stated that they will no longer be bundling overly-expensive Beats headphones with their devices. Instead they will only be available for purchase separately. Why? It will obviously raise HTC's profit margins which is what running a company...

Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S II leather cases from Aranez

As some of you may have known, I was the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S II and have now swapped to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In that transition I left behind a few accessories that I feel I...

Droidax PortaCharge — Review

Being connected is important in the current day, proven by how helpless we feel when our phones and other gadgets run out of battery... Fear not, the PortaCharge is perfect to prevent that connectivity being cut! Like many people, due...

10% off all products at Gadgets 4 Geeks for a limited time

The team over at Gadgets 4 Geeks are offering 10% off the normal price of their range of products, just for Ausdroid readers! An item a few members of Team Ausdroid have been eyeing off is the Galaxy Nexus...

Mugen announces 4000mAh battery for GSM Galaxy Nexus, ships March 9th for $100

Have you ever thought "I want my Galaxy Nexus' battery to last all week and weigh as much as a miniature pony"? Well if that's the case, your time to shine is now. Mugen Power has let loose its...

Ballistic Cases — Review

Like many people over the years, I too have been the victim of my own clumsiness and destroyed a phone by dropping it in the worst possible place. Given our increasing reliance on our mobile devices to remain connected...

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