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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Pebble will begin the rollout of Appstore for their Smartwatch this week

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month, Pebble announced that their long awaited App store would be launching from late January; while they appear to have missed that goal, it will apparently be rolling out...

Pebble Steel smartwatch starts shipping from the US today

The team behind the Pebble Smartwatch which launched to much fanfare made a bit of noise before CES 2014, and as it happens they announced a premium upgrade to their line of smartwatches, with the advent of the Pebble...

Millennius introduces the SmartQ Smartwatch running Android 4.3

Australian Electronics retailer Millennius has entered the wearables market, offering pre-sales of the Millennius SmartQ smartwatch - a watch running Android 4.3. Running what seems to be a full version of Android, the SmartQ watch has a 1.54" 240x240 resolution...

Pebble Smartwatch now available to purchase in Australia from Dick Smith

The announcement today of a Steel version of the industry leading Pebble Smartwatch held a bit of an interesting tidbit in the introduction, when CEO Eric Migicovsky announced that the Smartwatch was now available at retail in Australia. Pebble, has...

CES 2014 — Pebble announces Pebble Steel, appstore and new partners

Smartwatch darling Pebble announced a new, high-end metallic version of their smartwatch, the Pebble Steel, at CES 2014. Pebble Steel answers a major criticism of the original Pebble -- that its plastic shell and rounded edges made it look like...

CES 2014 — LG announces Lifeband Touch fitness tracker

It's tough competition at the top, and LG doesn't want to be left behind. While it's probably not in any danger of actually being left behind, it's important to try and keep up anyway, and LG is doing just...

Pebble smart watch receives an update to include a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

If you are like me or one of the many Pebble users that use the adaptive smart watch, then you may or may not have noticed that an update has come through from HQ to include a new 'Do...

Samsung Galaxy Gear — Review

How does Samsung's smart watch stack up? The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first entry into the smart watch, or "wearables", market. It joins the Pebble and Sony's Sony’s Smartwatch 2 in what seems to be a developing...

Burg Smart Watch 16 now available from Big W for $178

It seems wearable devices are becoming all the rage, with a few different makes of smart watches now available within the market place. With Samsung's Galaxy Gear, Sony's Smart Watch 2 and the Pebble smart watch, competition is certainly...

Android addict Christmas buying guide!

It's approaching the end of the year and the FestivusChristmas season is almost upon us, so it's time to start looking at what to get the Android lover in your life as a gift to open on Christmas morning....

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch available now

Qualcomm is the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of mobile System on Chip (SoC). The Snapdragon series of SoC has been hugely successful for them. The Qualcomm Toq (pronounced "talk") Smartwatch is a demonstration of Qualcomm's prowess. From the...

Samsung Galaxy Gear gets a custom ROM

Recently Samsung announced that they have sold 800 000 Galaxy Gear watches, and rolled out an update that allows the watch to show any notification, which is a significant usability enhancement. Well, the good news keeps on coming for...

Samsung Galaxy Gear sells 800 000 in two months

Many sites have recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy Gear has only sold 50 000 units worldwide. Which is a major failure for Samsung. Not even reading between the lines of the original Korea Times article, it clearly states...

Samsung Galaxy Gear gets an awesome update

The Samsung Galaxy Gear will be getting an update  that boosts its functionality by quite a magnitude. Previously, getting notifications on the Gear was limited to Samsung apps, and the choice was quite meagre. A new Gear Manager update will...

Google’s own smartwatch centred around Google Now to launch within months

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google's acquisition of WiMM Labs will bear fruit within months, with the launch of its own smartwatch centred around Google Now's at-a-glance services. The Journal's source indicated that the watch will...

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