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OPPO joins the Wireless Power Consortium — will we see OPPO and OnePlus phones with Qi charging this year?

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is an organisation founded ten years ago that created Qi wireless charging. It’s members include Apple, Google, Huawei and Samsung among many many others. A company must be a member before it can produce Qi charging products. Of note until just recently one major smartphone …

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OnePlus set to release their Thunder Purple 6T to the rest of the world, followed by a 5G phone early next year

OnePlus seem to have a hit on their hands with the OnePlus 6T with sales apparently booming in all countries where it is sold. At the OnePlus 6T announcement they hinted the the two black variants would eventually not be the only ones available and we saw evidence of this …

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OnePlus: software update for the OnePlus 6 to bring all the 6T goodies to it, along with announcing a purple version of the 6T

OnePlus these days spend a lot of time in the news for good reasons and it continues this week with them showing other manufacturers how to do software. Very few manufacturers, possibly Google only, bring software updates to older phones almost immediately when they are announced on a new phone. …

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