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Sony Xperia
The Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra should start seeing Android 4.3 on their handsets quite shortly, with Sony announcing that the rollout is now underway to unlocked handsets.

The update will add ‘Project Butter’ to the phone as well as UI tweaks which adds a ‘smoother graphical experience’.

Amongst a host of App updates to apps like Messaging, MyXperia, Smart Connect, Small apps, TrackID and Sony Select, Sony has also taken the opportunity to give the Z Ultra the same Smart Social Camera experience that launched on the Z1.

There’s updates to Sony’s media side of things with WALKMAN, Album and Movies receiving an overhaul to improve access to local and cloud media content.

Another bonus, according to the Sony-centric XperiaBlog, this update is also apparently fixing a bug which affected Xperia Z1 owners who had their camera stop working after unlocking the bootloader on their phone.

The rollout is of course going to take time to hit devices based on carrier testing, however one Ausdroid reader who purchased his Xperia Z Ultra on contract through Optus is advising that he has now received the update :

Xperia Z Ultra

The Android 4.3 update is listed on the software update pages for both carriers who chose to carry the Xperia Z1, with Telstra advising an update is due to hit customers on the 6th of January, with Optus advising a similar date with their page advising an expected date of ‘Early to Mid Jan’.

Let us know if you have received your Android 4.3 update on your Z1 or Z Ultra and what you think of the new improvements.

Source: Sony Mobile BlogXperia Blog.
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Glen Footer

Typical Telstra still no 4.3 on my Z1 and no ETA … Must be having trouble getting the bloatware to work 🙂


What about the xperia Z?

Jamie Tan

Connecting your Z1 to your computer via the PC companion software may get you the update faster.
I have a contracted phone through Virgin, with no OTA update available as yet. However, upon connecting with PC companion, I was able to update to 4.3 🙂


cheers thanks, that got my Z1 to 4.3 on optus

Sean Royce

Android 4.3 for SGS4 just got released.

Branden Aye Tremblay

i knew it, i wasn’t one 100% sure but i am now, some sony handsets sold through telcos are getting updates straight from sony. my dad’s xperia z got the last 4.2.2 update about 2-3 weeks before vodafone officially announced the rollout. it has all the vodafone bloat but gets updates from sony straight away.

Glen Footer

He must have a vanilla device ….. No bloatware = updates direct from carrier 🙂