Christmas has come early! Vodafone branded HTC One X handsets will begin receiving the update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean as of 2pm today. The update will bring all of the features from Android 4.1.1 such as Google Now, Project Butter as well as addressing some small bugs and glitches present on the handset previously.

The upgrade is being pushed through as an Over The Air Update and Vodafone has waived the data access fees normally associated with downloading the update, simply ensure that you’re not connected to a roaming network here or overseas and that you have the Vodafone Live! APN setup.

Another first for Vodafone getting this Jelly Bean update through testing and pushed out to customers so early. Let us know in the comments if you have received the update yet and remember we love to hear about device updates, so if you see your device receive an update let us know via twitter or email.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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hey iamacup, I had the same problem when I had instaled avg on it…that problem may be from some app, you have to find that app and uninstal it…good luck
I have a problem too. Did anyone know how can I change my CID VODAP304 to a CID HTC, a regular one,or how can I upgrade my boot 1.29 to 1.31 at leas?


I have got about four hour battery life on standby now. Left my one x in bag at work, checked it on my lunch four hours later. Had 10% battery left, I charge it in my car so it went from my house charger, onto my car charger, four hours later it had 10%.
Ruined my phone. Going to reset it back to ICS, for me it’s not worth it. Any help with sorting this out?


Update, you have to pause the pan on each frame for it to take the next frame. The help video that you can download under Settings, tips&help video makes no mention of this. I found the answer on-line @ The same feature on Samsung Galaxy S3 does not require you to pause. Disappointing.


Panorama mode doesn’t appear to be working. It only takes the first frame and no more.

Jack Jones

Nice one Vodafone! I received the update last night at around this time and the difference in battery drain with the new feature in operation is simply amazing. Before: Charge overnight, switch on at 8am and be down on around 30% by midnight. Charged last night, turned phone on at 8 this morning, pattern of usage as before but it’s still switched on and battery is showing 79%! I can uninstall my 3rd party battery saver software now, which was never this effective in any case.
All apps seem fine under 4.1 as well, excellent.


Updated this morning, and having massive issues with the smoothness of the graphics with the ring pull, and flicking between home screens. Tried a full stop on all apps to see if it’s RAM and that didnt help. 2 restarts, no improvements. Any ideas?


Couldn’t find USB mass storage option after connecting to the laptop. Anyone has the same problem?


Same here on an Optus branded One X. There must be a work-around somewhere …


You don’t need to turn mass storage on/off anymore. Just plug it in and it will come up as a media player in Explorer.

Source – Updated to JB on my HOX last night and sent 10GB of music to it ๐Ÿ˜€


Same – pressing the ‘USB connected: Tap to change settings’ notification only takes you to the PocketWifi & tethering menu. Odd.


Got the update last night and so far so good but I’ve had a play about with it and it looks like some of the supposed features are not there e.g. Google Now and the quick setting menu in the notification pull-down. Is anyone else seeing this?


For Google Now just select ‘Google’ with the blue square and white g from the app drawer. What used to just be the google search application. Once I found the settings menu, soooo many options to go through. Works great.

In regards to the notification settings are you talking about the “double” pull down thing talked about recently? If so, I believe that is only a 4.2.x feature, not 4.1.x.


Optus had released the update too, running on my phone as we speak


just checked on my phone and there is no update.


i take that back.. update is available on my phone.
THanks for letting us know.


i take that back.. just checked again and it’s available.. downloading now.
Thanks for letting us know

Sean Royce

Vodaphone appears that it’s getting better and better with it’s service, or is that just me?


Updating Now


On CJ’s, download was available when I checked at 14:08. Up and running now – finally get a chance to be creeped out by Google Now.

Just need to figure out how to get rid of the Power Saver Mode toggle from the notifications bar…


Google Now is suitable and impressively creepy, but looks like there’s no way to hide the annoying power saver notification without rooting and installing a patch (yet). Would be okay if it just appeared when battery was low (patch has that option I believe). Just wastes notification bar space as far as I can see.


Phone just rebooting now, very excited to try out……………………..
Downloaded nice and quick too over 3G.


Just some initial testing and playing so cannot comment on battery or that yet but so far seems to have improved the phone in almost every way. Incredible smoothness improvements, some great little changes here and there. VERY happy so far.


i’ve already got CM10 but wish to get back to the official version, any idea how could I do that?

James Finnigan

Firstly, make sure that you have a Vodafone branded One X, by putting the phone into fastboot mode, and running the command “fastboot oem readcid” or “fastboot getvar cid”. I think Vodafone is VODAP021. Then download the right RUU from here: . If it says that you need a premium account, copy the file name and search Google. You should come up with something. Once that’s downloaded, you’ll need to run it, wait for it to finish extracting the files and then search for in your PC’s temp folder. Once you’ve found that, you’ll need to extract the… Read more ยป


thanks mate, i’ll try it.


I was worrying about flashing stock recovery separately, but the RUU does everything including recovery. Only flash recovery when using a backup and S-On. (S-off would have the recovery included with the backup.) Also re-lock the bootloader so you can get the update.


Sorry, you should flash stock recovery with your stock backup regardless of being s-on or s-off. It is the boot.img that is done separately when S-On, but included when S-off, hence reason people like s-off for simplicity. But like I said, the Ruu definitely does everything so is easiest way to return to stock. Apologies for the confusion.


Nothing there for JB except for unbranded Asia WWE, Europe and Taiwan – not Australia. If you have it, can you post the link or the file name so we can search for it. Thanks.


Cool, finally get the update