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With the announcement of Android L, there’s already excitement building for the next version of Android, but OEMs are still rolling out updates from previous versions. Infamous HTC leaker @LlabTooFeR has come through again, with a roadmap of which devices will see which update when.

HTC Update roadmap

While he has confirmed that the original HTC Butterfly and the HTC One X won’t receive any further updates, the news is better for current and former flagships – the HTC One M7 and M8. Both the M7 and M8 will begin receiving their update to 4.4.4 in July/August, with HTC also looking to an Android L update later in the year.

There is only speculation left for other devices, including the original HTC One variants – Max and Mini and the ‘á¹”lastic M8’ the HTC One E8, as well as the recently released HTC Desire range – 610, 816. Android 4.4.4 won’t come to any of these devices, however an L release may be on the cards depending on how the evaluation planned for October/November goes.

As usual, you will have to wait for carrier testing to clear any updates if your phone was purchased through a carrier. If it was purchased outright, you should see the updates roll out slightly quicker. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it’s good news for the M7 and M8 at least.

Source: llabtoofer.
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pradeep D

i am disappointment with htc i am having butterfly x920d even though it having 2gb ram it is not receiving update all other handset which is less config than butterfly had received and will receive 4.4 update.then why butterfly wont.IS HTC IDEA ONLY IN MAKING PROFIT AND NOT IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION????..


It’s funny to read these roadmaps from HTC and Samsung. I have got Sony Experia Z1 and got official 4.4.4 four days ago…Sony has beaten even google’s own Motorola in releasing 4.4.4…Happy Sony customer here…


FYI Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo months ago.


FYI the deal has not been approved yet, Motorola Mobility is still a Google company


That’s true.

On another note, Google always seemed to distance itself from MM even though they owned it, to keep Android hardware partners happy.


My m8 flashed to GPE got 4.4.4 OTA this morning.


Reading that roadmap makes my blood boil.
So many HTC handsets will NOT be having GPE attempted to be made for them, it’s not funny.
The only part of it that makes any kind of logical sense is where they look at skipping 4.4.3 updates in favour of going straight to 4.4.4


HTC is unreliable when it comes to updating their mid to low range phones. Even former flagship phones aren’t immune.

Buyer beware!


They were never sold as GPE devices so why would they get GPE firmware?

Before judging the logical sence of HTC/Google you should get some logic and sense of your own and settle down


Are you stupid? Those devices weren’t offered as GPE devices, so why would HTC completely wipe ths Sense UI it shipped with and replace it with GPE software?