Smarty Pins
If you’ŕe a lover of cartography, then Google’s latest effort Smarty Pins is probably something you want to check out.

Smarty Pins is a trivia game based on maps that Google has just released, involving you moving the Map Pin to a particular location based on a trivia question. The Trivia questions are based on one of six topics : Featured Topics, Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment and History & Current Events.

The game is simple, you start with a stash of KMs and for every question you answer, if you’re right, you gain bonus points. If you’re wrong, the distance in kilometres is deducted from your score.

Smarty Pins - Wrong

Get answers right and the game answers with a quip: ‘Remarkable! Did you major in Georgraphy or just minor in Luck?’ Answer the question wrong, depending on how far out you are and it can answer pretty harshly: ‘Wrong but at least you’re on the right continent. That’s something, yeah?’

Cool little game and seems to be a little more fun than other games based on Google Maps which have sprung up from non-Google sources mainly using StreetView. Games like LocateStreet and MapCrunch. Try out Smarty Pins and see what you think.

Source: SmartyPins.