Budding developers around the globe will be excited to see that Google Launchpad; a service that offers everything an up and coming developers need to make the most of their opportunities and get the most from their apps, has extended their service to now include Launchpad Accelerator.

The extended program is available (for now at least) to “high-potential” startups in India, Brazil and Indonesia to quickly grow and deliver their apps by offering hand-on support and training during the initial setup of the company.

The project will officially take shape with the first batch of start ups to get their training and first hands on assistance in January at the companys Mountain View complex. As a user, the potential outcomes of this are clearly better apps with new and fresh ideas and the short term support of these start up companies can only be a good thing for Android as a whole.

Where would you like to see Google invest some money next to assist in the growth and development of the Android Platform?

Source: Google Developers Blog.