The Bluetooth issue reported by several Marshmallow users affecting a variety of cars has apparently been resolved according to a Googler on the Android product forums.

Since the release of Marshmallow, a smattering of owners of cars from General Motors (including Holden owners here in Australia), Mazda, Subaru and more have been reporting a sub-par experience using Bluetooth to stream music or calls to their car stereos.

Users experiencing the issue logged details of the problem on the Android Product Forums back in October and have waited ever since. Tonight the forum thread status has been marked as ‘FutureRelease’ with presumably the same Googler entering in an update to the thread advising:

The development team has fixed the issue that you have reported and it will be available in a future build.

At this stage, the forum thread only refers to the Nexus 6 running Marshmallow and connecting to a Mazda 3 stereo, however it’s hoped that this issue will be resolved for all users on all phones and using other cars once the update arrives in the wild.

When the update will arrive isn’t clear, but given that the February Security update for Nexus devices has been out in testing for several weeks with carriers, it’s doubtful it will be included in that release – but maybe March.

We’ll have to get some feedback from users with the issue once any updates go out, but hopefully this is it.

Source: Android Product Forums.
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    Maurizio Bussone

    To update comunity, Wiki Fever cell Android marshmallow 6.0 connect to car via Bluetooth music and contacts but no telephone free hand call! Chech with other operating systems (Windows and IOS) works perfectly! Hope Google fix issue or I must change phone. Tks

    jock o

    It’s buggy at times in my 2012 hilux at the moment, some crackling with pocket casts – music is OK, also slower to connect than other phones I’ve had.