The ability to take a partial screenshot is something that many users of Samsung’s Note range of devices will know and enjoy, but it’s something we can’t easily do on most other Androids. Google is working to address this, with a partial screenshot function built into Android 7.1, though it doesn’t seem to be active in devices out there at the moment.

Rather than taking a screenshot and then having to crop it before sharing, this new feature will allow users to simply activate the partial screenshot function, then use a finger or thumb to drag the area of the screen to be captured. You can see this shown off in this demo video, below:

How these guys were able to activate this isn’t really all that interesting (it involved digging through code, changing and recompiling Android, then incorporating it into a custom ROM). However, what it does show us is that this useful feature could be coming soon, probably to the Pixels first, and to recent Nexus devices soon thereafter. Will we see OEMs include this feature in their devices next year?

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or just crop what u want, i mean why complicate the code for unwanted features