Good news everyone, the Telstra Signature Premium, the first of Telstra’s self branded ‘Signature’ range, will be getting Android 7.0.

If you haven’t been following along, the Telstra Signature Premium, launched in April last year, is essentially a re-badged HTC One A9. The HTC One A9 made headlines overnight when HTC US VP Product Management, Mo Versi advised on Twitter that unlocked One A9’s would be getting a Nougat update, all well and good for One A9 owners, but where does that leave Telstra Signature Premium handset owners?

A Telstra spokesperson has today advised Ausdroid:

We’ll be testing the software update from HTC in the coming weeks once it is provided to us to ensure it meets our performance standards before we make it available for Telstra Signature Premium customers.

The Telstra software update page, which has recently undergone a transformation away from a bulk dump of information towards a specialised information style sheet for each device, currently doesn’t list the Telstra Signature Premium. Telstra advised that they will be making an update to the page to include the phone and an ETA for the update once they’ve confirmed timings with HTC.

The good news is, that the update is coming. The bad news is that there’s no ETA. A takeaway from this in the positive is that Telstra’s Signature line of phones are now at a pretty good hit rate of scoring a Nougat OS update, something a number of phones have yet to achieve. We’ll be updating as soon as we know any more about the update.

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Vicki Millis

I am not a fan of htc but i am with telstra network i am happy with the samsung range 4 5 6 now 7 hard to top it ny hubby has the sony experia playing up already


Interesting! I wonder if Telstra will be bringing WiFi Calling as part of the update