After a few false starts the Foxtel Go app was released today for Android; but sadly not for all Android devices – only for 2 Samsung devices (Galaxy S III and Note II), and only if they’re not rooted. Lucky for you we’ve consolidated information from a number of sources which will have you watching Foxtel Go on any Android device, rooted or not. It is worth noting that you still need a Foxtel or Austar subscription, this guide just allows you to use Foxtel Go on any Android device even if you’re rooted.

What you will need:
– A Foxtel or Austar subscription
– A rooted device
– The Foxtel Go apkMirror 1

Step 1: Download and install the Foxtel Go apk. Don’t open it or sign in just yet.

Step 2: Use Root Explorer or another file explorer to open and edit /system/build.prop. Ensure you make a backup of the file before making any changes. Find the line ‘ro.product.model=XXXXX’ and replace with ‘ro.product.model=GT-I9300’. Find ‘ro.product.brand=XXXXX’ and replace with ‘ro.product.brand=samsung’. This identifies your phone as a Samsung Galaxy S III.

Step 3: Download and install Hide My Root from Google Play

Step 4: Open Hide My Root, select ‘Hide su binary’. This temporarily unroots your phone. Reboot your phone.

Step 5: Upon reboot, open Foxtel Go and sign in using your account and password. You can now watch Foxtel Go!

Step 6: After you’ve finished watching, open Hide My Root and select ‘Restore su Binary’. Reboot. This allows you to use your other root apps.

Step 7: Before you use the app again, I recommend clearing Foxtel Go data and cache then repeat steps 4 to 6.

And that’s it. Remember this doesn’t circumvent Foxtel’s DRM, you still need an active and valid Foxtel subscription. What it does do is give you the freedom to use Foxtel Go on any Android device, rooted or not. Have fun, and share your experiences in the comments.

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    Campbell Sinclair

    I cant believe Foxtel is being so choosy on the supported devices . Luckily I had the S4 but i want to get the LG G4. Like all apps you can design one that works on ALL android devices no problems. So why is Foxtel being jerks ? we all pay our subscription yet have to beg on the foxtel forums to get the device added . Piss ant corporate wankers. They must try and disable screen mirroring via the foxtel app is the only reason I can think off.


    Amy chance of updating this? Cheers


    Recently this has stopped working. Foxtel must have found another way around it.

    So much for Samsung exclusivity ending in December! 😛


    Found out on WP that it is only supported by 4.2.2 or lower. I had to downgrade my nexus 10 from 4.3 to get it to work.


    cant seem to get it to work on google nexus 10, can anyone help please….

    Ripped off

    Perhaps the answer is everyone that has a non samsung android device should cancel there subscription to Foxtel as we are being totally ripped off just by not having access to foxtel GO and paying the same.


    worked on a rooted MK809iii (ish). The on demand content works, but the Live TV says Sorry, cant play the current stream.


    I’m the same, any luck since?


    No. Tried a few different samsung devices but no luck


    Thanks for the reply. I too have tried different devices, network setting etc on an ainol nova 7″ but only get catchup. It seems the more common problem is live but no catch up which is fixed by a reinstall or change of wifi settings. I shall keep trying…


    Still trying – have tried different ROMs – Neomode and rooted kasty rikomagic ROM. I have a REKO mk809iii which looks like it is a clone of the RikoMagic mk809iii or mk802iv. I have spoofed GT-N700 and GT-I9300 in build.prop (model, brand, name, device, board, manufacturer, product) with no luck.


    I did also try spoofing the Tab @ (N8000), but device wouldn’t boot, so has to reflash.


    I’m still trying as well,done much the same as yourself. I’ve read overseas forums for clues like sky go but the only problem close is always the reverse of ours ie no catch up. I played with HDMI settings but gave up on that. I can stream everything that is non flash eg ABC, tab racing. I can’t get Netflix to display properly so I will focus to see if there is a common problem there.


    worked on a rooted MK809iii (ish). The on demand content works, but the Live TV says Sorry, cant play the current stream.


    this is not worth the trouble. I’ll keep using The Pirate Bay.


    Works on Galaxy Tab2 10.1 by changing product model to ru.product.model=GT-N8000 which is the Galaxy Note 10.1


    Doesnt work on HTC one


    Try to put on Huawei mediapad lite 7 changed build.prop went to save error cannot save??? (Unit is rooted)


    is there a fix for the hdmi external display error?


    Works perfectly on my Acer Iconia B1. Thanks a lot!


    I tried installing on my rooted Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 but i keep getting a Parse Error when trying to install. Can somebody please help?


    Thanks for this. Got it working, but the next time i tried to logon it says that I can'[t logon because I’ve already got 3 devices registered. It then shows the list of the devices and one of them is the device i’m trying to logon with. Any idea why this is happening?? PS. I’ve got a rooted device.


    You don’t need Hide my Root if you use SuperSU. Just go into SuperSU and turn off Enable root.


    Worked for me. Thanks!

    luke dubbeld

    Followed the steps but it still says “cannot watch foxtel go on a rooted device”

    I have a rooted galaxy s3

    luke dubbeld

    Never mind. Got it working. Used hide my root, then uninstalled foxtel go which I had already installed, then rebooted, then reinstalled, working.

    Thanks so much for this, love it

    Fu Manchu

    Fox footy is not available on PC or Mac


    “Rooted or not”

    “What you will need:
    – a rooted device”


    Indeed, I’d like to be able to watch it on my unrooted N7.


    What a pain to get it working… If they’d only released it on Android today I might have done this, but the fact that it’s on PC as well now means it’s not really worth it for me.


    Changing build.prop can potentially cause other problems with the device, unless you really need it (a mobile data hog), i dont see how it is more valuable than youtube.


    It’s unmetered if you are with Telstra on either pre or post paid.


    Are you sure?

    Is Foxtel Go unmetered?

    Foxtel Go video is unmetered with Telstra BigPond home broadband services. It is not unmetered with other service providers or with any service provider for 3G/4G services.


    What other problems?