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Last week we got a bit excited when an invite went out to select press in the US for an event to be held in New York City. Given the Google Play logo and the timing of the event right around the time that Android 4.4 and a couple of new devices are expected led us and many others to think that this was it, but alas it was quickly debunked as not a hardware related event.

But the event is currently happening and the @GooglePlay Twitter account sent this out :

Followed just moments ago by this :

A couple more entries have been added :

We’re staying tuned alright, but so far no attendees are tweeting or saying anything about what is going on at the event. Even the Google Play Google+ page is quiet. Obviously an Non-Disclosure Agreement may be in effect.

We’ll keep updating this page as the tweets/posts come through. But for now, what are your thoughts on what is being announced? Remember it’s not hardware related apparently. Could it be expansion of Google Play All Access to Movies? Books? Imagine an all you can eat Google Play! Newsstand announcement?

Shout them out, what are your theories?

UPDATE: Russell Holly from, the source of the original post, has jumped onto Reddit to explain a bit about the event that is happening tonight :

Alright, guys. I’m the blogger from who started this whole mess. Amusingly enough, I’m also the guy who reported about the Google Play edition phones that started the whole “I’ll eat my dick if it’s true” thing. ASUS making the next Nexus 10 was also me, for what it’s worth. I don’t do a lot on Reddit, but you guys have been really funny whenever breaking news happens.

Nothing is happening tonight. There will be no live stream, no press conference, nothing. No one is coming out on stage with a mystery device in their pocket, and no one that I know has been given a N5 or N10 for review yet. For your information, while we do occasionally get those before they are available for sale we do not get them before they are announced.

I didn’t break an NDA. The Google Play team didn’t think I would react the way I did when I got the invitation, and neglected to include some kind of note asking me not to share it. I caused that team a lot of headaches this past week as a result. It was a communication error, and I jumped the gun. End of story, I promise.

It’s been a long month, and we don’t have too much longer to wait if what I am hearing is true. I’m sorry I screwed up and got everyone’s hopes up, and I’m pissed that I have to apologize because I’m just as excited about this phone as everyone else, but please take my word for it. Nothing is going to happen tonight.

I know, I know. “Why book Capital Cities?”

To be honest, I don’t have the answer to that. Big companies hire bands for small events all the time, and usually it really is because reasons. The price was right, the band was available, and that’s all she wrote. It happens, and it isn’t indicative of anything.

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    Alireza saemi

    Its okay.. We are all excited just like u .. Even if u didnt say such a thing we would guess phone will introduce . but we all are suspended tonight :))

    vijay alapati

    28 just 3 days away and still there is no word on nexus 5 🙁


    Google, stfu and take my money….now!