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Project Glass
The international rollout of Google Glass has begun, unfortunately not where we wanted, nor anywhere near the price we all wanted. Customers in the UK are now able to purchase Google Glass directly from Google Play for £1000, with an estimated shipping lead time of 1-2 days.

Google made the announcement on their Google+ page, which included an option for potential customers to RSVP for a test run of Glass :

So, if you are here in the UK and fancy a demo, RSVP to try Glass at our London Demo Days on June 27-28th at http://londonthroughglass.splashthat.com/ or join the Explorer Program and get Glass at www.google.co.uk/glass.

UK customers have the option of purchasing Glass in one of five colours – Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky – there’s also apparently options for extra accessories. As standard though it appears to be shipping with an option for a free frame or shade offer they began offering a little while ago in the US.

Unfortunately, it’s not available here in Autralia, yet. If you load up the Google Play page for Glass here in Australia, you will be welcomed by the now all to common ‘Glass Explorer Edition (Shale) is not available in your country.’
Glass - not available in your country
There is still the rumour that Glass availability will expand further afield. With countries also in the running to get Glass including Canada as well as Australia.

What price it would launch at here is up in the air, but at £1000 in the UK, it doesn’t appear that Glass will be cheap if it does launch here.

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