My Glass App
The availability of Google Glass, could be getting closer, with Google opening up availability of Glass to more countries. The My Glass app is now available to install on your Android (or iOS device) in Australia, as well as other countries, through iTunes and Google Play.

Glass Explorers who live outside the US and UK, the only countries where Glass is currently officially available are now able to download the app, without having to extract the APK from Google Play, or find it through other sources. The availability of the app, is probably due to the expansion to the UK, as well as Google recognising the US Only nature of the Explorer program has essentially failed, with developers in many countries in the world now in possession of the technology.

While it’s understandable to jump to the conclusion that Google is about to broaden availability of Glass worldwide imminently, you should bear in mind that Google made the Chromecast app available worldwide in October last year, before finally beginning a rollout to European countries in March, some five months later.

So far, Google Play Support still lists the UK as the only place you can purchase Google Glass, but we hope to see it here in the future. So far, Google has said that the next version of Glass will be cheaper, but what price it will actually launch at for a retail launch is anyones guess. If you want to learn more about Glass and be notified when there’s news about Glass in Australia, stay tuned here, or sign up to the Explorer program here.

Will you buy Glass if it launches in Australia? Or wait for a cheaper more affordable option?

Thanks: Paul.