The update to Android 4.4.3, for the HTC One M8, has begun rolling out to handsets in Australia now, with Optus the first to push the update to their customers.

The update includes performance optimisation updates for WiFi, Bluetooth and Radios, as well as application updates to Camera, Gallery, Settings and HTC Sync Manager according to the screenshot of the update kindly supplied by Michael:
HTC One M8 4.4.3 Update
The update also includes Security Fixes. These security fixes are actually the ones from Android 4.4.4, as advised by VP, Product Management for HTC US, @moversi on Twitter:

The HTC One M8, won’t actually see Android 4.4.4, but will see Android L once it’s released.

So, Optus has begun pushing the update out now, where do Vodafone and Telstra lie? Telstra advised in their latest software update post on the Telstra Crowd Support forum that they were scheduling the update to be pushed out, expecting it to begin on the 15th of August. Vodafone, in their software status update released yesterday, advised they are still testing the update, but plans change quickly in this business.

To see if the update is available, simply go to Settings > About Phone > Check for Update. If your phone is set to receive the OTA, you’ll get a prompt to download, then install it. The 663.39MB file is fairly large, but should be covered by your carrier as a free update, if you’re at all worried though, make sure you connect to Wifi before updating – and make sure your battery is fully charged.

We love to hear about updates – thanks Michael – so let us know when you see an update for your phone, and send us a screenshot with as much info as you can to share the good news.

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4.4.3 stuffed up my audio connection to my car audio. Please fix this as it does not recognise my AUX cable.


Any word when this update will be coming to the Desire?


Got the update a few days ago, telstra Australia. Since the update, headphone always on, loudspeaker always on during calls, random ringtone going off without anyone calling. Random clicking on the screen without my input mixed with ringtone sound. Wiped home screen about 2 times in 1 week. Totally bugged out. And this phone is stock software. Telstra advised I can send back and get replacement. But not too good at the moment.


Anyone having problem on M8 after upgrade (on Telstra network). Since update, mobile data connection keeps dropping out today


Yep, same problem here, on an M7. Keeps dropping mobile data and or very weak signal:(


Just checked on my Vodafone AU M8 and am currently downloading 4.4.3 update 2.23.710.1


What’s happening to Vodafone? They’re normally the first 🙁


My wife’s unlocked M8 received the update today after manually checking for OTA


Got 4.4.3 update on my M8 (Telstra) late Wednesday Evening. Battery seems to be considerably better.

Morgan Hodgkinson

Telstra released the update yesterday morning at around 6am because i got the update yesterday and i love the radio improvement that i got from the phone because i used to never get 4G LTE in my house at Kenmore QLD and i’m rocking an HTC One M8 and do a couple of reboot because i had very soft audio level headphone and speaker but a reboot fixed it


Yawn!!! Didn’t understand reason for releasing 4.4.3 when 4.4.4 is available? My Xperia Z1 received 4.4.4 end of June’14

Daniel Tyson

The 4.4.4 update isn’t coming for the M8 (or M7), as said above, the security features from 4.4.4 have been rolled into this 4.4.3 update


Does that mean Optus is not passing on Eye Experience to Australians having an M8 when the entire world gets it? I understand they don’t want competition between the M8 and the new Desire but if everyone else gets it that is saying we’re better off with another carrier.

Eugene Kee

Got the update last night @ around midnight.. On Optus! Installation was smooth & easy! So far, the update is working well and phone running smooth like butter…


My Step dad got the 4.4.3 update to his HTC Butterfly S – it feels smoother to use.

Clint Morgan

Also getting update in new zealand on spark (formerly telecom)

Daniel Tyson

Nice one, good to hear from you guys in NZ.


Just checked my phone, have the update on my Telstra M8. Looks like Telstra have pushed it out too


Confirmed. Checked for software updates and one is sitting there waiting for me. ~600mb.



Telstra here also. Got the update.