Google’s Gmail app is pretty awesome, but their support for other email accounts hasn’t been great. But according to a new leak, the upcoming Gmail 5.0 for the Android Lollipop release appears to be about to resolve all that. The app which Android Police have managed to get a hold of appears to have solved that, as well as dressing up for the occasion with a brand new Material Design makeover.

The now familiar circular ‘new post’ button is now present to create a new email, as well as the new round avatars, and conveniently located ‘attachment’ button. But that’s probably not the most exciting part – it’s the Yahoo and support which has everyone buzzing. In the ‘onboarding’ video which announces the new feature, you see how easily you can switch between your Gmail, Yahoo and email accounts.

We’ll probably first see this new app when Google officially lets Lollipop out into the wild, which should be around the same time as the Nexus 9, or Nexus 6 begins making their way into the wild.

Source: Android Police.
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This is kind of interesting. The yahoo email app implements (annoying) fake emails as ads, right at the top of your list of new emails. I’d guess that google won’t be doing the same for them, so are yahoo going to want google usurping their place in the sun (and revenue stream)? And microsoft definitely aren’t going to be happy – this type of thing is why they bought hotmail and created surface, they want to be front and centre, not pushed off to the side. The big missing item is, of course, apple. They have always been ‘walled garden’… Read more ยป

Alberto Polintan

Hooley and dooley. Interesting that they’re using a Nexus 5 for the video.