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Microsoft is continuing their trend of supplying their services across platforms. Today they’ve announced a new Office for Android Tablet preview. They’ve announced Office for iPhone, as well as updates to the existing iPad app they launched back in March.

The Office for Android Tablet preview will include Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and will be made available to those who sign-up for the preview, which is accepting registrations from today. Microsoft is of course pushing that customers get the ‘best value and a complete set of features from an Office 365 subscription’ which includes 1 Terrabyte of OneDrive space, but people using the app will be able to create and edit Office content without a subscription.

You can head over to the Office for Android Tablets preview sign-up page now, and enter your details, which will ask you for details such as your name, Google Play email address and of course the size, make and model of the tablet you intend to use Office for Android on.

Office for Android Tablet – Word

Office for Android Tablet – Excel

Office for Android Tablet – Powerpoint

Microsoft expects Office for Android Tablets to go into wider availability in 2015, but if you want in on the early preview, you’d best sign up now.

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    Microsoft’s ad image is a lie.
    If their software requires specific versions of Android to run, then users still cannot run MS Office on all their devices.
    MS have not put any Android OS version disclaimer on their ad.


    Calm down, it’s only a limited preview at this stage. Did you even read the article?


    I nearly signed up, but the requirement for android 4.4 with the note saying don’t upgrade to 5 put me off! I’d rather play with lollipop when it hits my nexus 7 than office!

    Phill Edwards

    Totally agree!