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After much gnashing of teeth and countless requests from the public, Public Transport Victoria will release their transit information in a standardised format allowing for new apps, and more importantly inclusion in Google Maps.

It’s been a long road for Melbournians, with most major Australian cities gaining public transport information in Google Maps several years ago. The incoming Labor government promised the release of the data in the new format as part of their election campaign which led to their successful election last year. According to The Age, Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan advised that ‘work had started on providing Google with the public transport data it needed’.

The new format is the Google friendly General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) which Google uses to include transit information, including schedules and stops for buses, trains and Trams. The new data will allow for directions within Google Maps to include public transport options when requested, instead of showing ‘No Route Found’.

Our Melbourne Ausdroid writers and readers should see the new information in March, we look forward to seeing how it goes once it’s live.

Source: The Age.
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    It is now end of August. Where is it at Google??

    Daniel Orchard

    So the data is released, what the hell Google? Hey Ausdroid: Wanna reach out to Google and ask them what the hell is going on? Bing maps is using VIC data now to do PT, but I sure as hell dont wanna use bing on my phone.


    So March is here….. and we’re halfway through it and yet nothing!

    Dennis Bareis

    Maybe its March next year?


    haha most likely will be!


    Well almost the end of march, and After reading the release I notice they didn’t specify which March.


    March 2020 is looking good

    Adrian Trimarchi

    Any updates on this?


    Careful now, the minister said that the data will be released in March – that doesn’t mean it will be available for use in March. There will still be integration work required on Google’s side and testing before it’s pushed live. Don’t fall for ministerial doublespeak 🙂


    Where does it say “the data will be released in March”? That sentence was never uttered, so I think you’re only trying to inject negativity into this positive development.


    From the linked Age source article: “The new data, set to be released in March”


    MOTHER OF GOD YES. YES!!!!!!!!!


    Praise Jebus!

    Ramiro Fernandez

    PTV has promised this numerous times before, over the last four years. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Adrian Trimarchi

    Bye bye PTV app *fingers crossed

    Peter Massey

    This functionality is awesome.

    In Perth Google Maps is better at public transport planning than Transperth’s own services!




    Whattt! Finally!


    It will be interesting to see these things evolve as real time information becomes available rather than just timetables. The ACT is definitely moving in that direction.


    So does this mean that Google now will show this data as well? Loved walking to a tram stop in bordeaux, and the timetable came up. Would also mean that it may come up on my watch, which is what I’m really after!!


    I’d say absolutely.


    As much as I love it here in Sydney, I’ve noticed that the options displayed have been reduced while they have snuck in Uber as the last option to get to your destination. Otherwise it works well for me.


    I stick to TripView most of the time which includes live data such as how late or early they are running




    Yay! I’d like to think my letter I wrote their feedback system had something to do with this 🙂

    I’m now looking forward to my next trip south, post-March.

    Dennis Bareis

    Thank god 🙂


    Its the end of May and this still does not work. Maybe it was March 2016