Happy Easter one and all, as it’s officially after midnight, the magic bunny should have been and left chocolate eggs everywhere by now – and for the religious among you, have a great day. If you haven’t received an easter egg yet though, Google has added a literal easter egg into hangouts for you.

Google Hangouts on occasion with the right phrase added animations that popup, adding a little flair and whimsy to your messaging, and Easter is no different. If you say ‘Happy Easter’ in Hangouts, you’ll be treated to a few neat little animations. There’s three in total, the first is a bunch of eggs pop up to hatch some chicks, the second has a single easter egg pop up to hatch a chick and the third one has a rabbit jump up quickly to say hello.

Happy Easter - Hangouts 1 Hangouts - Happy Easter 2 Hangouts - Happy Easter 3

Just a neat little Easter Egg from Google. Happy Easter from the Ausdroid team.

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    Martin Leonard

    Happy birthday and Easter Bunny also get a response


    As at 11:07pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, on Easter Saturday night, in Australia, the bunny has only been to places on Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

    Brian Robinson

    He came to our house at 10:30 … As it happens, my bed time….

    Daniel Tyson

    As the majority of Australians live in an area with AEDT (Around 14.5 Million People out of 23.5 Million according to the Bureau of Stats) I think my start was fair.


    Easter bunny always saves the best til last.