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In a bid to control use of precious, not to mention expensive, mobile data, it appears that Google is testing a new feature for managing large Google Play downloads that will help keep our data usage down whilst reducing anxiety about forgetting about an update.

The beta feature has only been spotted in the US for now and is an extension of the current warning you get when trying to download a large file.


Instead of the old option of either proceeding or cancelling if you’re not connected to WiFi the new interface seems to allow you to accept the download but queue it until you’re accessing WiFi.

With the feature currently in Beta and only for some users, it’s unclear if we will ever see this feature actually hit the mainstream.

Via: Android Police.
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Unbelievable… Yet google has no interest in putting an SD card slot in their phones to save data when you a forced to upload to the cloud because their in not enough room in their damn phones. Which is more important than play store updates.

Darren Ferguson

Don’t you have wifi at home?