If you’re sitting at home and wondering what to do perhaps you should watch a TV Show, of course, what self-respecting Android fan would actually watch TV on a TV? If you have been waiting to watch the latest episode of The Flash, or perhaps The Walking Dead is more your style? Whatever your taste Google wants you to grab an episode on the cheap.

You can currently get 75% off a single episode, yes episode, not a season, of any TV show on Google Play Movies and TV. That’s right you get get a whole single episode for next to nothing, I checked out a few different shows and you can grab most current TV Shows in HD for under a $1.00 AUD.

Check out the deal below.

If you’re already collecting a season of a TV show, or you are looking to kill a little time this is still a good discount, however, you look at it’s still la good price. Unfortunately, you can’t trick this deal it won’t work on season packs, at least as far as we’ve found.

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No Play TV in Kiwiland unfortunately.