Earlier this week Google pushed out Allo 2.0, unfortunately, that update didn’t really fix any of the usability issues with the app, you know little things like multi-device support, web clients or server side backup and restore of chat history. Never fear however as Pushbullet has stepped forward to address one of those missing features, desktop messaging.

Pushbullet admits this isn’t a dedicated desktop or web app, however, through their programming magic for those who spend a lot of time behind a PC, or multiple PCs, you can now connect Pushbullet to Allo to send and receive Allo messages, from the single device it’s installed on, from your PC. All you need is either the PC app or browser extension as well as the Android app installed on your Allo device, turn on notification mirroring and whamo, Allo on a desktop.

To be honest we’re still unconvinced that Allo has a chance of becoming a serious contender in the more multi-device, multi-form factor western markets. It really feels as if Google has just given up on their existing market base, conceding messaging defeat as it were, and is now solely targeting the emerging markets. While targeting that market is fine, it’s disappointing for die-hard Google users to just be left out in the cold with a new messaging service that barely passes muster.

If you want to turn Allo into an almost useful app grab Pushbullet below.

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more

Are you still using Allo? Let us know below.

Source: Pushbullet.
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Lucas Buchanan

If it had sms/mms support and were to come stock on android phones than maybe it could succeed. How am I suppose to convince my contacts to migrate from Whatsapp or for people to choose it over the FB messenger which is now so ingrained in their lives?


Allo is nice, really neat, and utterly useless. The only path to widespread adoption would have been of it did sms and mms. There is no compelling reason to use it. It has no user base and never will at this point. It’s dead, and there’s likely nothing Google can do to undo what they’ve massively screwed up.
Somewhere on the Google campus there’s an MBA, somewhere…they just haven’t found that person yet. When they do, they’ll stop f’ing up product development and launches


Gave up on Allo and went back to Hangouts


I still don’t see any point to this app. Why Google couldn’t have built Allo’s extremely limited features directly into one of its existing apps, such as Hangouts, is beyond me.

Sarvjot Singh Locham

Hangout is best and easy to use and even I can make call to all over the world from Hangout as well but Allo I can’t call anyone. So I use Hangout


Will be using hangouts until google supports it