Every now and then Google will extend their typical 3 months free access to their Google Play Music Unlimited/ YouTube Red combo. Right now you can sign up for the combined service and get 4 months of free access.

Of course, there are the normal conditions, this offer is only available o those who are subscribing for the first time, and you’ll need to set up billing for the service for after your free trial. After the trial, the price will be $11.99 AUD/ month for a single user and $17.99 per month for a family plan with up to 6 users.

Being an Unlimited/ YouTube Red subscriber I can attest to how awesome it is to be able to just listen to any music on the Google Play catalogue, as well as the ad free experience in YouTube. IF you haven’t given it a trial yet give it a go.

Source: Google Play Music.
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JL Picard

For “new” subscribers and I have already stacked up 4 x 6 month gifts to self using vouchers which I got from Woolies at 20% off.


It’s worth pointing out that Google seem to run these as “not had a free subscription deal in the last 12 month”, rather than “ever”. So if you got a Chromecast 1 and did the 3 months then, you might well be able to get 4 months now.

It’s at least worth a try.

Simon Green

Except I started my 3 month trial last week, after seeing a post on Ausdroid (and waiting for my current Spotify membership to expire) 🙂


thanks Fred, helpful addition, let us know fi you try this and it works, we’ll update the original post.


Not in a position to test I’m afraid – just passing on what I’ve seen elsewhere, and what tends to be in the terms & conditions for google trials.

Phillip Molly Malone

I saw the notification of this and assumed that it was “for new subscribers” deal. They really should give a month free for customers that stayed on for a year! I understand the “try to get a new customer” deals but supporting loyal customers is a good idea too!

Simon Green

I would qualify the statement “listen to any music on the Google Play catalogue”. I signed up to the three month trial (with Google Cast), but there are some songs that you can purchase from the Play Store which are not available from Google Play Music. One example is Triple J Like a Version 12, which you can purchase from the Play Store for $19.99, but is not available from Google Play Music.


I’d say it has something to do with the royalties going to Triple J via album sales instead of to the artist. Which is what would happen when you stream a song off that album.
Ministry of Sound does that to nearly all their albums too.

Simon Green

Surely the royalties for listens via Google Play Music would go to the same place as album sales via the Play Store. My guess was it was more a rights issue, since LAV tracks are not available on Spotify either (unless released commercially by the artists)