Have you ever been browsing for a new app and been frustrated by seeing your already installed apps? I personally haven’t but if you have then the latest little server-side update to the Android Play Store may be just what you’re looking for. The new update adds a toggle that lets you hide your already installed apps from certain app lists.

The new toggle only shows up in top order lists such as the “Top Charts, Games, family etc. If you complete a search of open up one of the “more” options the toggle isn’t there. For me I think the toggle show be on all pages, it breaks the experience to have an inconsistent implementation of the feature across the app.

However, if you’ve been waiting for this it should be rolling out to you very soon, assuming you don’t already have it.

Source: Android Police.
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Ernest Norman

Great! Will test them out someday.
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It would be nice if they allowed you to hide apps you’re not interested in and remove them from appearing in search.


agreed, I’d love to be able to block apps and even developers, I have a list

Dennis Bareis

Another half baked hack, just fix search already!

In any case I’ve never thought I’d needed to do that but I have wanted to search (a few examples):

(1) Apps I’ve currently got installed
(2) Apps I’ve ever installed
(3) Apps I’ve ever installed but currently aren’t
(4) Apps I’ve purchased


Hey Dennis,

you can achieve some of that in the app vie the my apps tab.

1) is the contents of the “installed tab”
2) is the contents of the All Tab
3) requires you to scroll through 2) and look, agreed it would be nice
4) same as 3)

Dennis Bareis

The “installed” and “all” tab list apps there is no search. In any case those were examples, some others SEARCH (not list) EXAMPLES BOUND BY:

(a) Free (not trial) apps with Android Wear support
(b) Apps with Android Wear AND Android AUTO support.
(c) Apps with Google Backup support and on latest API level.