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YouTube Kids is celebrating their 2nd birthday and they have some goodies for everyone to enjoy and join in the celebrations.

YouTube has said that its YouTube Kids app has had over 30 billion views and over 8 million active viewers to date that are enjoying the app and its content and the company has further reflected on how exciting it has been to see kids fall in love with the storytelling and videos from their amazing global creators and content providers.

As part of the birthday celebrations, the Original Content team under the stewardship of Susanne Daniels, in which the team will be adding four new Original series to YouTube Red, created especially with the YouTube Kids app in mind. The new series will feature top creators such as DanTDM , Joe and Cody of TheAtlanticCraft, popular tween music act L2M, and Fruit Ninja.

YouTube has said that this is the first time YouTube Red has invested in creators who are producing original programming for family audiences and that these new series will begin becoming available to watch and stream from around Spring time in the USA (so Autumn here) although no definitive dates where provided. YouTube has said that there are additional shows which are currently in or soon to begin developing and creating and will premiere throughout 2017.

Here is a lit of the shows launching in the USA Spring time (Autumn our time):

  • Hyperlinked: This series is inspired by a true story and stars music sensation L2M. It follows five girls as they come together to create their own website by girls for girls. They also must navigate everyday tween issues involving friends and relationships.
  • DanTDM Creates A Big Scene: Catch DanTDM and his lively group of animated friends as they battle mayhem and misadventure to keep their brand new live show on the road. Each episode follows their behind-the-scenes exploits as they learn new skills, overcome challenges and find that putting on an epic show isn’t quite as easy as it looks.
  • The Kings of Atlantis: “The Kings of Atlantis” is an epic animated series that follows two young monarchs —Cody and Joe— in the vast underwater city of Atlantis as they seek to overthrow the brutal usurper of their kingdom, reclaim their birthright, and protect their people from his cruel reign.
  • Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force: Four Fruit Ninjas set up a juice stand as a front for the messiest secret service in the world. The new Fruit Ninja characters—Seb, Niya, Peng and Ralph—come together to fight the evil forces of Durian Grey and the Deep Fried Samurai. They will use their Juice Jitsu skills (and perhaps some help from their own samurai) to prevail.

Furthermore, YouTube Kids has announced that its services is coming soon to smart TV’s and that the app will be available to download to internet connected smart TV’s from Samsung and LG (Sony it seems may miss out maybe?) although no specific timeframe for the availability of the app. Lastly as a reminder that you can curate what type of shows your kids watch via YouTube Kids app through the parental controls. If you are unsure of how the parental control works, we have a link for you here to check it out and go through step by step.

Source: YouTube Blog.
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    Max Luong

    Sony uses Android TV, so it would be quite ironic if they didn’t get a YouTube Kids app. ?


    Is there a way to report content on Youtube Kids?

    There are heaps of inappropriate cartoons disguised as genuine kids cartoons. Like Peppa Pig getting mutilated…