With Nintendo Switch now available around the world, Nintendo have put a parental control app which enables better control over what games are played and how they are played.

The Nintendo Switch Parental Control app is pretty much a simple app to use once downloaded and opened. It helps parents keep better engaged on how their kids Nintendo Switch is used at the end of the day. For example, with the Nintendo Switch Parental Control App you can:

  1. Monitor the overall player daily and weekly and monthly play time of your new Nintendo Switch console. You can simply set a play-time limit, mainly daily over a week which is then repeated or carried over week to week if not changed, and once the limit has been reached by the users, they will receive a notification which will come up either on your TV or tablet, depending if it is connected to your home WiFi network that is. As either parents and/or guardians, you can check the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app to see if the time limit has been followed.
    It is also possible to suspend gameplay automatically when the play-time limit is reached.
  2. Ability to Check up on your console’s gameplay – the summary function contained within the app, allows you to easily see what games have been played on the console recently and more importantly, how much time was spent playing each day. Users will receive a push notification for their daily play summary for the first such summary. Monthly play summaries will always be received via push notifications. It’s an easy way to see what kind of games your family is interested in.
  3. Restrict console features for safety. Your Nintendo Switch functions can be restricted to prevent the console from playing games above a certain age rating, giving you more control over what’s games are played for your keys.

You can watch a cute little video explaining about the parental control app below:

The Nintendo Switch Parental Control app is free to download from Google Play or you can hit the play link below to download it right now.

Source: Google Play store - Nintendo Switch Parental Controls.