Since Android 8.0 Oreo was officially unveiled and the updates started rolling out the Android world has been obsessed with a new Oreo annoyance; the persistent Android System background process notification. For those of you unfamiliar with it, in Oreo if you have a background process running you have a constant notification, that can’t permanently be gotten rid of.

Since this issues has popped up people have been looking for solutions, there was one work around that required Tasker and some other apps that would snooze the notification for the better part of a decade, but who wants to install two apps when you can install one to do the same thing? Now one Android developer has released a single app to the Play Store that will handle removing this annoying notification from your notification shade, say hello to the aptly named “Hide “running in the background” Notification“.

I’ve immediately installed the app and rid myself of the pesky notification because I use Tasker I always had it in my notification shade. I did have a slight pause before enabling it as I noticed that the app is able to not only see but read the full contents of all of my notifications including messages and contacts. However, the app is open source and the developer was very upfront about the permissions and as such I’m relying on Play Protect and the security community to audit the code and check that it’s safe.

The app is free on the Play Store, however, if you use and love the app why not donate to the developer via in IAP button in the app?

Hide"using battery"Notification
Hide"using battery"Notification
Source: Google Play.
Via: Androdi Police.
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Tutuapp apk

For anyone having any issues with it no longer working after the update, try rebooting. Same thing happened to me and a reboot fixed it (Pixel XL, Oreo). Get the latest version from Tutuapp.