Twitter its seems is finally fixed an issues which has been bugging users for a while now, fixing the way we view our timeline.

Twitter took to its own platform overnight to announce that from today, users will be able to finally disable the “Show the best Tweets first” setting within the app, meaning that you will now only see Tweets from people you follow in reverse chronological order.

While previous changes have made the setting available (sort of), it would still show you the “In case you missed it” section of Tweets that broke up the chronological flow.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks, Twitter has said that it would introduce a feature that allows you to switch back and forth between two tabs on your timeline – basically having one section for the latest Tweets and another for what it thinks and believes are most relevant to you. Though now time frame has been provided for this but we will be waiting to see when this will exactly occur.

Developer: X Corp.
Price: Free
Source: Twitter Support News.
Via: Android Central.
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noice brewery

Seems like the Mastodon revolution, small as it is, has gotten to them a little bit.

I’d encourage people to switch over anyway, Twitter is a cancer.