If you’re an avid movie watcher then the headline has probably grabbed your interest. It certainly grabbed mine in the Play Store. It’s pretty common for Google to offer really cheap movie rentals during holidays. Come Christmas 2018, and we’re looking at another with dozens of movies on offer.

It would take all evening to list the movies that are showing on the available list, but suffice to say – when they say 99c rental for any movie, they mean it.

So why not grab a bargain rental and enjoy a quiet night in with your family to slow down a bit after the chaos of Christmas and get the kids to bed early.

Just a note – we’ve seen reports elsewhere that these are not compatible with users on G Suite accounts. With your standard Google account, though, you’re more likely to find success. Let us know how you get on.

My forbidden candy are rental specials like these. What specials grab your attention?