Sadly the days of Androidfy are done, with OS updates and coding standards it has disappeared from the Play Store. The app that was released back in 2011 with slow but steady updates through the years, through to 2016 but nothing since.

Now with Android 10, sadly it appears that the days of being able to Androidfy yourself, friends and family are done.

The app had a huge amount of customisation for your avatar including colour, height, weight, clothes and various “look” changes. It was a popular bit of fun for Android fans, but it’s no longer to be.

Until this morning the Androidify website was still active, this too now has gone by the wayside now redirecting to Before it disappeared though there was note that the age of the app and significantly declining usage were key factors in the decision. There are APK downloads available if you’d like to continue using it for a while.

Outside of that, you’ll have to settle for memories preserved at the site.

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OFF TOPIC – but I can’t see a story announcing the new layout – with this new Ausdroid layout, there are no “page 2″/”older entries” links at the bottom of the main page.

How are we supposed to see older content easily?

Duncan Jaffrey

Thanks Tom, we are updating it live in the background and we’ll put a post out when it’s done. We’ll see what happened to the previous post button ASAP

Chris Rowland

Hi Tom, it’s definitely there on mobile and desktop but it looks a little different. On desktop, there’s forward and backward arrows under the news feed. On mobile / AMP, there’s page numbers and arrows. Let me know where you’re browsing if you can’t see them and I’ll look more closely.


OK – I now see the “less/greater than” at the bottom on left side. I’m using my laptop so the arrows were all the way to the left under the images – plus with the poor contrast (white background and grey colours) and my poor viewing angle, it was easy for me to miss.

Hopefully, everyone else won’t have the same troubles.