Google Duo is one of the best communication apps that you’re probably not using. It’s simple to use, can be tied to your Google account, able to call your home devices and the quality is excellent.

It seems that one of the biggest issues many users have is potentially being resolved. If the setting found by Jane Wong is anything to go by, you’ll soon be able to allow others to find you by email.

This has been an option via the web interface for a while, but unfortunately, there’s a bit of a clumsy issue. Users who’ve logged in with email only won’t be visible on other users’ contact lists.

It’s unclear if this additional slider on the Android app is an option to find users, or if calls will be allowed based on email only. It’s possible of course, that the setting in only for searching. That would be a disappointment given the want of so many to just use their email address for Google Duo.

What lacking features are keeping you away from Google Duo?

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Dennis Bareis

I’ll wait for google meet, people seem to think it’s the same think but as far as I know, DUO doesn’t support screen sharing.

Nigel Elliott

I wish Duo would let my kids call from the nest hub max. it was the main reason I bought one last year, so was dissapointed that they couldn’t call parents or grandparents.


Why can’t we get all the duo features that my kids can get. We can’t get in the ad like the fun chickens or the astronauts none of the characters and features that my kids can get on their phone


A few years ago Duo is video calls only which chomps a fair bit of battery power,hence I stop using it. Is there an audio only option now?


This would be great if I could make Duo calls between smart devices in my home. “Broadcast” is clumsy and goes to all speakers, but if I could call between devices I could have a handy intercom.


You can. Say “audio call XXX speaker” (or video call if audio doesn’t work) and it’ll Duo call that speaker. If it’s got an apostrophe in the name it fails though (e.g. Piers’s speaker).
I do it all the time.