With the migration of work from office-based to home-based for many, video conferencing has become far more prevalent. If your organisation uses G Suite but doesn’t use Meet, scheduling meetings and including external video conferencing options has been difficult, until now.

From mid-November, users will see a new option to set up a meeting with your chosen video conferencing provider.

This is a feature that your domain admins will need to enable for you to utilise though, and those options are coming online sooner. This gives admins time to set up the plugins for other video conferencing options, with many options available.

For users, this will add some efficiency in setting up meetings, remove the possibility of human error (missing details or not copy/pasting the full detail) and save some of those precious few minutes of every video conference where everyone’s not quite sure they’ve dialed into the right call.

Admins will start seeing the option appear in the next couple of days and end-users will have the feature available as part of the three day rollout starting on the 16th of November.

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Why would you not use Google Meet?