A couple of weeks ago we saw Hiroshi Lockheimer take aim at Apple over the Messaging mess. Among the messaging was an offer to assist in unifying the Apple and Google Ecosystems. Now, it’s likely this is coincidental timing but we’re seeing iMessage reactions working on Google Messages.

Discovered by Droidlife, it seems that the new version of Google Messages — currently rolling out — supports iMessage reactions. The mapping of the reactions doesn’t quite seem right yet, but it is certainly an improvement.

As a long term Android user, countless texts have been received over the years with reactions. Whether it’s that someone laughed at, liked or loved your previous message: It’s annoying. At the moment the feature is only available on Beta for the latest version which hasn’t yet rolled out to our devices. We’ll be keeping an eye out and running some tests as soon as it does though.

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I’d much prefer an emoji to text, translation facility in Google Messages.