After years of a somewhat public beta program, Google Domains is available publicly in 26 countries. Touted as one of the easiest ways to not just register, but centralise and control your domains, Google Domains is here!

Google Domains holds the capacity for around 300 domain extensions and easy integration into Google services, it is an easy pathway even for non-technical users to keep control of websites. Adding to the convenience is the uptime typically associated with Google services as it runs on Google’s own hardware.

Other quick access features attached to Google Domains include:

  • Google Sites or Blogger “one click” site builds
  • Access to services like Squarespace, WIX and Shopify to name a few
  • One-Click DNSSEC – a service that protects your domains from DNS threats
  • A purchase pathway that makes it easy to register multiple domains quickly

Depending on your domain extension, costs vary greatly from a few dollars per year through to hundreds of dollars per year. If you’re quick, however, there are discounts to be had on early purchases: 20% off by using the code DOMAINS20

If you’re considering the move, your Google account will need to be set up for 2FA to use the service and have a credit card attached to your G Pay. If you meet this criterion and own (or are going to buy) a domain, then you’re ready to get your domains into your Google account for centralised control.

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