Google Messages continues to improve steadily and is now, for many, their go-to messaging app. Recently we’ve seen growing evidence of more features coming, but now they’re rolling out.

Google’s usual server-side switch is starting to deliver features such as reactions (from iMessage) and message categories to some users. Even the Gmail style nudges feature we previously got wind of is ready for users at large. The only problem for us Downunder is that it seems to be a regional rollout.

The good news though, is that while it is delayed, these rollouts normally hit Australia fairly quickly.

There is also evidence to show that instead of compressing images and videos to ridiculously low quality, they’re now being delivered as a Google Photos link to users without RCS. This is a great use of Google Photos to avoid huge quality loss of great photos when you’re sharing them.

Now if only we could have a well-integrated multi-platform setup (desktop and tablet) the Messaging mess could soon be sorted.