Optus has today announced that they have expanded their 4G Plus LTE Network to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide in a move that will enhance their existing 4G offerings.

The new 4G plus network is an expansion of the trial TD-LTE network which was launched in Canberra earlier this year running on the 2300MHz network. The TD-LTE network allows for transmit/receive of data to occur on the same frequency but at different times as opposed to FD-LTE technology currenly used in other Australian 4G networks which uses a seperate channels for each.

Optus plans to progressively roll out this new 4G Plus network across major metropolitan centres, co-existing with their existing FD-LTE Network. This will give customers a lot more bandwidth to carry data.

The new network complimentary network is seen as quite the boon for Optus, with David Epstein, Vice President Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at Optus saying

Australians can now experience life in the 4G fast lane with the Optus 4G Plus network. We’re effectively adding more lanes to the Optus 4G super highway, letting more people use our 4G network at the same time. That typically means a smoother ride with a better mobile internet experience, both on 4G Plus and in the other lanes too. More lanes on the highway can help ease congestion for data hungry consumers

Optus has updated their coverage map on their website to show the newly launched 4G Plus areas.

For more information on the 4G Plus Network check out the YouTube video on the Optus Channel :

Currently Optus offer only one handset that is compatible with the new network, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. But they have the Dual-Mode Samsung Galaxy S4 launching soon according to their last update. These two Samsung handsets will be joined in November by the LG G2 and of course the iPhone 5s and 5c will be coming in September…..if you care ;).

Pretty nice work Optus, it remains to be seen how the building penetration of the new higher frequency network goes, but more options is always good.

Are you an Optus 4G Customer?

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Sucks if your in Canberra and have a 4G phone on Optus that won’t work on Optus’ 4G network. Hello SGS 3, 4, HTC One…

Adrian Mace

Sure hope the next nexus model supports these LTE bands. Also would be nice if it supported LTE-A from Telstra too because I wouldn’t mind getting in on that 450Mbit/s trial πŸ˜‰ haha

vijay alapati

any mentions of the actual speeds.


available on one very uninteresting handset. i’ll wait…

Mitchell McMillan

Will this work with Virgin Mobile, cause it’s on the Optus network, or is this an Optus exclusive?


Yes it will with all Post Paid mobile connections..


Does anyone know if this will work with the existing 4G WiFi hotspot?

Daniel Tyson

There are two 4G Modems available that work on the new 4G Plus network. The
Huawei E5776 V2 USB Modem
and the
Huawei E3276 V2 USB Modem

Andrew Palozzo

Just in time for my new nexus 5 (hopefully!!) πŸ™‚