vodafone 4g

Vodafone launched their prepaid 4G  plans last month exclusively for existing customers, but as of tomorrow (6 November), new prepaid customers can join in the goodness of 4G.

Naturally you will need to have a 4G capable handset, such as the recently launched Nexus 5, and a plan with plenty of data.

Fortuitously, Vodafone has today announced that the $30 Prepaid Cap will have double the data until 31 January 2014, from 500MB to 1GB if activated before the end of January.

If you are interested in Vodafone 4G Prepaid, you can check your coverage here.

Have you already got Vodafone 4G? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Vodafone.
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Brad Thomson

What I would like is for them to turn on MY 4G. I been with them for years and have a S4 and no 4G


Why haven’t you called tech support then?

Brad Thomson

I have numerous times. Yesterday I had to call for another issue so asked them again and complained that Prepaid had it now but not me… Guess what… Miraculously they got it working this time. No explanation why every other time I called they couldn’t do it.


Damn but how’s the speed test on 4G? I’ve been getting 40-85mbps consistently