Anyone who has made the decision to not purchase a Nexus 5, but is still holding one of the devices in line to receive the latest Android update, is keen to learn all there is to know about Android 4.4 and Google wants to help. Google has launched an Android Quick Start Guide for Android 4.4 (KitKat) on to Google Play Books, only problem is that despite the Nexus 5 being available in multiple countries, only US residents seem able to access it.

4.4 Quick Start Guide.

When you look at the Google Play Books listing for the 53 page Quick Start guide, outside of the US you only have the option to add the title to your wishlist. It seems we here in Australia are not alone in finding this restricted access. Despite offering a range of devices which will run Android 4.4 in a slew of countries, there are multiple reviews on the listing from customers in those countries indicating that like us, they are similarly unable to download the book :

UK? Why is this not available in the UK? Or any nation other than the US for that matter…

Not available here either I’m in New Zealand and have a Nexus 4 so should be getting KitKat before long. Can’t download it here.

Not available in Canada 🙁 Boo-urns!

India When most of the android users are in THE INDIA, then y its not available here????

Previous guides from last years Nexus 4, 7 and 10 were made available in all regions that the devices were sold in, however it seems a little strange that Google has chosen not to make this even basic Quick Start guide available at least in regions where their latest flagship is selling rapidly. It may be something as simple as Google wanting to regionalise the content before making it available, but surely that would have been done before this launch, who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

Why do you think Google has Geo-Blocked their Android 4.4 Quick Start Guide?

Source: Google Play Books.
Via: Android Central.
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Dennis Bareis

Stupidity usually explains most things.