Nexus 5 - Black vs White
The Nexus 5 has had a relatively pain free launch when it comes to ordering, shipping,back end transactions and seemingly supply chain. The Google Play store did finally report the Nexus 5 as out of stock on Sunday, however as of Monday afternoon Google was once again taking orders for their latest Nexus flagship.

With a large majority of customers receiving their phones over the last two days, it seems that there are some customers who aren’t receiving their phones just yet with some reporting that they are seeing their packages still stuck on Lantau Island – the FedEx shipping facility in Hong Kong – or have received no updates on the location of their orders.

Marné Prinsloo has run into this, and contacted FedEx to clarify exactly where his Nexus 5 is and been told some bad news, which he shared on Google+ :

People of #southeastasia #australia that are getting a #Nexus5 and haven’t received it yet, expect up to a week delay. #FedEx informed me that all the packages are being help up in #hongkong and will not be shipping any time soon.

Google seems to be learning how to run a direct sell hardware business with each subsequent Nexus device launched, it’s not always great being on the receiving end of that experiment but it seems they’re ironing out kinks quite well this time. With this Nexus phone set to be even more popular than the Nexus 4, it would certainly do Google no harm to be a little more pro-active with keeping up with the supply chain and advising customers as issues occur.

If you do need to track down what’s happening with your Nexus 5 delivery, your first stop should be the FedEx website, where you should receive fairly accurate tracking information using the 11 or 12 digit Tracking Number emailed to you by Google Play. Failing that you can call them directly on 13 26 10 or call Google Play Hardware Support on 1800 093 181.

Taking into account all the improvements this year and what Google is sure to be learning this time around, next years Nexus phone should be launched with an almost perfect record.

Have you encountered issues with delivery or tracking issues with FedEx? Have you contacted Google or FedEx? What did they say?

Source: Marné Prinsloo.
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hi can anyone tell me how shipping is to melbouren Vic AU?


Shipping is $19.95 ($20)

I received it ok, with a delay.


how much is shipping from google au?


I received mine on Monday had a faulty backplate which did not stay in place or clip back in. Called and processed an order yesterday for replacement item is now shipped and delivery is Tuesday 12 November for 32GB White Nexus 5 that was quick for something that is on a 4-5 week delay.


Is the Google Play Order Number I use to track my Nexus 5 through FedEx. Mine is also showing pending as well.

Matt Jackson

I ordered mine after the delays. It’s now shipped despite the Play store still showing as “4-5 weeks”

Mohammad Danish

My phone has arrived in Sydney. Its in transit from Alexandria atm, I’m hoping I’ll have it by 14:30 judging from my friends delivery status who was lucky to get his on Monday.

Mohammad Danish

White 32gig in my hands 🙂
Ordered on Friday 9:30am. I experienced delay between Google sending the phone to FedEx and then them starting the delivery. Looks like FedEx kept the phone on hold for 3 days.


My phone is here


mine has been stuck there for the past two days 🙁


Hooray! My phone is now HERE ↓


Received mine yesterday afternoon.. Very happy so far.


Ordered Friday 7.15am, arrived Tuesday 11.45am in Adelaide. Very, very happy so far.


And it’s here!
Too bad I don’t have a SIM for it yet!


Just grab a template off the net and chop down your old one!


I’m scared to!
I thought it’d come next week, wasn’t prepared for such a quick delivery!

Kin Choi

go to ur phone store (voda, telstra or optus) and get a swap

Robert Williames

12:42 I received an update that its at Derrimut. So tomorrow I guess


This is just getting out of hands. FedEx traking status not updating but still shows that it is being delivered today. Status says it has cleared custom on Monday at Alexandria. It was still there yesterday afternoon at the same location. No status update today. Decided to give a call to FedEx and I have been advised that I am getting it tomorrow. I just don’t understand what is happening. By the way I ordered my phone just two hours after it was launched and it was shipped on Friday afternoon last week. I believe there are many more like… Read more »


another twist to the story. FedEx now advised me that they have transferred my shipment to Startrack and now they will deliver me. Not today but tomorrow. So FedEx kept it with them for two days before they decided it to give to startrack. WHY?????

Benjamin Dobell

Nexus 5 (32 GB Black) in hand! Co-workers are raging that their’s has been delayed.

Benjamin Dobell

Rebooted after finally downloading the update and errored out whilst applying the update…. greeeeeeat. Also my volume up is stuck Hurray.

Benjamin Dobell

Booted into recovery, factory reset. Setup and downloaded the updated again. Same thing 🙁

Benjamin Dobell

Flashed my phone using the official Nexus 5 image and it booted up. Huzzah! Got a Google Wallet crash upon boot, but meh.


Why flash the official image? Isn’t that what came preloaded on your phone?

Benjamin Dobell

No the version I flashed had a different bootloader (among other things) than the one that came on the device.

But more importantly, by device wouldn’t install the system update (that is required when you first boot up your Nexus 5).

I’ve “partially” fixed the issue by flashing i.e. I can now boot the phone and use it. Except things crash quite often. In particular Google Play fails with SecurityException crashes when installing certain apps. For some reason DropBox installed but almost everything else fails.

Robert Williames

Mines still “In Transit” Lantau Island. 🙁


What are the numbers you guys have been calling? Mine has been “initiated” for over a day now. Meant to arrive today but still in HK.

Peter Massey

I haven’t called anyone but I got my notice on Sat and only left HK Monday night. Attached is a screenshot.


Thanks Peter. Google just cancelled their authorisation charge on my account – getting a little worried now


Just talked to Fedex and they have no idea what’s going on. They can’t tell me when they are picking up the package from Google or when it might get to Sydney. Completely borked.


Not just the Nexus 5… I ordered my aunty a Nexus 4 and it seems that was delayed by 2 days…


Mine was ordered about an hour after release. Said it would ship by 4/11. Shipped on 2/11. Currently in Brisbane on it’s way to Darwin with expected delivery 7/11.

I know there’s worse things to complain about but FedEx suck compared to DHL. The only good thing is that I can collect my package from the local AusPost when I miss a delivery. DHL comes on a plane straight into Darwin which is much faster and gets redelivered for free or delivered to a different address for free if I’m not around at the time.

Dylan Wheeler

I originally ordered mine with a 2-3 week delay quoted from Google but received mine today, just 4 days after ordering, winning! BTW, its f#%king awesome 🙂

Mohammad Danish

Lucky !
I bought mine with the 1-2 day delay and haven’t received it yet.

Dylan Wheeler

I am in Perth, so I don’t know if being closer to Asia has helped but either way I’m happy!

Chris Spencer

Dylan, we are at disadvantage here in Perth….it should come right here…but goes to Sydney and sits for a day or two..then here. Mine should be coming today!


Hi, anyone can tell me what is the shipping cost to Brisbane? Thank you.






Guys, check your shipping status (tracking). Mines been updated!

Mohammad Danish

Mine just updated as well. First update since I received the tracking. Picked up in Lantau, no ETA yet but at least I know its in transit now.


So. Not tomorrow then.


Okay it left Lantau island FedEx 20 minutes ago. Due Friday.

Peter Massey

Mine says the same too.

Mohammad Danish

Count me in too. Received my tracking number and shipment email on Saturday morning from Google but it is still on the initiated phase with no progress in the tracking status. Stuck on shipment information received and I’m without an expected date of arrival.

Called Google today and they assured me that the phone had been sent out to FedEx. Spoke with FedEx yesterday and they didn’t sound like they knew exactly where my shipment was. Was told to check with Google.


Lucky I got mine lunch time today 🙂 very impressed so far!


Phew…lucky mine is sitting in Derrimut waiting to be delivered tomorrow

Adrian C

Called FedEx today, they were very hesitant in feedback on the lines around maybe something was wrong. I called Google who were much better and advised that they had it out with FedEx and to try the status again within 24-48 hours for an updated ETA.. it would of been a lot better to never have received a notification for my anticipated 32G White N5 until 2-3 weeks time.. such high hopes and disappointment 🙁


Mine said it was going to arrive on the 6th, but now it’s been pushed back to the 8th. Just updated today to say it’s in Alexandria.


This seems to be a weird way of doing things. I ordered when it was shipment expected to be sent by 8th of November. Got a pleasant surprise when I was sent tracking info on Sunday with expected delivery from FedEx was down as tomorrow (wednesday). From there it has just sat as initiated and nothing has happened. I suppose they have until the end of the week to sort it out as per my original buying info (still says that on the order page in google play). All in all just a very strange way of doing things, why… Read more »


Funny how it says you won’t be charged until its shipped. They tell you that its shipped and charge you. But really, is it shipped?

Julien Ménager

I’m feeling lucky, as it is still moving:

In transit
At local FedEx facility
Estimated delivery :
Wed 06/11/2013
Gooseberry Hill, WAAU


Called up FedEx yesterday. Was told none have been received by FedEx.
So disappointed.
Been stuck on initiated: shipment info sent.


Same boat here. Called FedEx today and was told that the issues are from Google’s end. Called Google hardware team and was told that there are no delays, and that FedEx must’ve forgotten to update the status.

Called FedEx again and I was told that my order should be updated tonight and delivered tomorrow. Kind of impossible but I’m not losing hope.


Updated tonight? I sure hope so…

Tom l

I got my 32 black today in brisbane metro. I did have to order in less than 2minutes from release. Seems like i got lucky as it looks like every nexus 5 is going through the same fedex depo in HK.


Mine has cleared from custom yesterday morning 10:00 and
since then I can see multiple updates, all of them are in transit and all of
them are in Alexandria. As of the last update its 16:48 – In Transit –
Alexandria. They are destined to North Ipswich, QLD. I wonder what it is still doing
in NSW since last two days.


Same situation though mine is headed for Victoria (hopefully!)


Mine states the same thing, I’m in the same area as you. Mine is saying it will be delivered tomorrow.


My order originally said November 15th and I was like “whatevs, dude”, but this morning it said November 5th and I got all excited, and now I’m upset it hasn’t come today, so I guess there’s a lesson about not getting people’s hopes up!

Nexus 4

I’ve called FedEx and been told to call Google. Called Google and told to wait until Friday 08 Nov and if there’s no update then to call Google back.

I didn’t have these problems last year when I bought my Nexus 4. So why this year?

Sent from my Nexus4.